Admin-console release 3.0

We’ve now released version 3 of the user Admin-console. This release contains several enhancements, improvements and bug fixes geared towards making the admin-console more intuitive, informative and easy to use. The following are the details.

Change Log


Ownership of the LoginRadius account can be transferred to other team members from the Team page.

Pinterest social ID provider can now be directly added from the social login page.

Additional scopes now can be added from the social login page, under the External Permissions tab.

Existing tickets can now be seen on support ticket page.

New field types such as checkbox,password and hidden have been added.

Users currently logged in can be seen on the team page with respective roles.


User selected site will remain selected after login.

Team management page has been revamped for the ease of use and understanding.

Field ID can now be seen against disabled fields of the page.

Loading messages are now updated with their respective actions.

More support ticket categories have been added to the support ticket page.

"Remove Rule" option has been added to the User Segmentation page.

SSO page title text updated for increased relevancy.


User Segmentation: renamed RAAS to "Email" and ID provider to "Provider".

Basic social data setting is no longer removable.