Admin-console release 7.0

Introducing version 7 of the LoginRadius User Admin Console. this release includes a very major improvement surrounding User Management, LoginRadius now gives the ability to manage the user accounts much more granularly via Admin Console.

Change Log


User Management: You can now add new users via the Admin Console

User Management: If the account is a social only account you can now create a traditional profile for that user in the Admin Console

User Management: If a user needs the verification email to be reissued this can now be accomplished via Admin Console

User Management: You can now manually resend the verification email

User Management: Manually updating some of the key fields is now possible

User Management: You can now flag accounts as verified or unverified via Admin Console

Data Export: export data seemlessly from your LoginRadius Cloud Directory


Welcome Email: enable or disable sending the welcome email in the email settings section.

Revamped Date Range for Analytics: The date range picker has been revamped to allow you to make more granular selections