Social Login Increases Conversion and Retention

30+ Social Networks

Allow users to sign in with over 30 major social networks, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other leading international providers. View a complete list here.

Facebook Twitter Google LinkedIn Yahoo Vkontakte QQ
Amazon AOL Github Foursquare Hyves Kaixin Live LiveJournal Mixi Myspace Odnoklassniki OpenID Orange Persona Renren Paypal Salesforce StackExchange Steam Community Verisign Virgilio WordPress Xing

Combine With Traditional User Registration

Our Social Login service can be used alongside your existing registration form, or with LoginRadius’ Managed User Registration, so you can offer users a choice of registration systems. Your existing users can choose to migrate to Social Login if they prefer, and we can build other customized user experiences on your website.

Full Customization

You’ve spent time and money on your website design, so we ensure that the Social Login interface, icons, and language fit your design with our full customization option.  You can also personalize login windows for each social network with your logo, brand name, company description, and links.

Full customization, blueprint

Link Social Accounts

This feature allows users to connect several Social IDs to one account. Users enjoy the ease of logging on with any of their social accounts, and businesses get access to a wider range of user data from multiple social networks.

Mobile Responsive

The icons, interface, and design of our Social Login is completely mobile responsive and adjusts itself for different screen sizes. It also supports iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile apps.

Responsive Social

Works with all Major Technologies

LoginRadius' Platform works with all web technologies including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PHP, .NET, Javascript, Android, iOS, and many more. You can see the complete list here.

white-label White Label Service

Social Login will be fully personalized for your website. The branding tag “Secured by LoginRadius” won’t be seen on the login interface.

sandbox Sandbox Environment

We provide a sandbox environment for your engineering team to test out the platform before launching it on your site to ensure success.

mulitiple-web Manage Multiple Websites

If you have multiple websites, you don’t need to create an account for each, you can manage them under one single account.

full-fb Full Facebook Integration

Using LoginRadius, you can fully integrate Facebook features such as Facebook Connect, ‘like’ widgets, Facebook Share, and more. Facebook Opengraph can also be incorporated to get users’ profile data, and to stream user activities to their Facebook walls.

autouser Automatic Profile Creation

As soon as a user has logged in with their social account ID, an individual profile is automatically created on your website with their name, date of birth, location, gender, and any other data points your business would like to gather.

team-collab Team Collaboration

To use LoginRadius effectively, your development and marketing teams need to collaborate. We allow you to add multiple individuals to your account and set different access permissions for each.