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Awesome Arduino Ideas for Beginners : Best Projects of 2016

Are you a beginner at Arduino and want to explore more of it? Check out here some awesome Arduino Ideas along for beginners with best Arduino projects of 2016.

My first encounter with Arduino was at a friend’s place who was using it for home automation. I really liked the idea of switching off the lights and Fan automatically when he leaves the room. Sound like some sci fi, right?

Later I researched a lot on Arduino and made some simple projects. My love for Arduino still continues. To that end, I have compiled a list of some awesome Arduino ideas for Beginners. I have also added the best Arduino projects of 2016 which can inspire the Nerd inside you!

1. Dancing LED Cube

This Arduino project is my favorite one. It looks overwhelming at once but is very easy to create. If you think 8*8*8 version is too big, try 4*4*4 one. You can add a timer or alarm to it to play it at specific times or just keep it running in your room for that disc like feel.

Link for Project Idea 8*8*8

Link for 4*4*4 Version

2. Motion Detector Alarm

This is nice little Project Idea which can detect motion and play the alarm. You can use this for anything related like switching on the lights or playing a song when you enter home.

Link for this project

3. Sun Tracking Solar Panel

Make a solar panel which can move according to the position of the sun.

Link for this project

4. Digital Clock with Alarm

You can make a full fledged alarm clock with multiple features. Try it here

5. GPS Tracker, track a vehicle or a person using this.

Using this project, you can track location of anything. Can be very helpful if you want to track your vehicles.

Link to this project idea here

Below are some best Arduino projects in encountered in 2016

1.Weather Display Watch

Weather Display Watch with Arduino

This is very nice little watch which looks very cool and can be done is in less budget.

Link here

2. RainBow Lamp

This project was also featured on Arduino’s Official website. This RGB lamp is very much inspired from Philips hue lamp. You can setup any color depending on your mood.

See it in action below

Project link here

3. Self Driving Tricycle

This Project was developed by University of Washington.

Project Link here

4. Open a Door Using Fingerprint scanner

Add your fingerprint authorization and use it to open a door of your room or garage or a Safe.

Try it here.

5. Motion sensor projects

Try these motion sensor spray project here and this screaming prank project here. Both are fun to do.

Lastly the April Fool special Arduino project for pranks :)

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