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3 Reasons Why B2C Enterprises Should Use Single Sign-on Authentication

Single sign-on authentication, or SSO, is becoming more commonplace as the digital revolution continues to evolve. With numerous benefits for customers and companies alike, SSO helps streamline user experience, aid movement between applications and services, and secure the transfer of pertinent information about customers between organizations.

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8 Key Components of a Perfect CIAM Platform

A perfect CIAM platform needs to be able to integrate more than just people. There are lots of identity-filled business processes and practices, and in the future the number of these is only set to grow. A well-designed customer identity solution connects all native and third-party applications that handle customer data.

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What Is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

The question “what is single sign-on?” is one we get asked a lot. To understand this solution, consider an analogy: “Imagine going to the mall, and at each store you must register with the store for your first purchase. Then, every time after that, you have to prove who you are to buy something.”

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