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20+ Terrific Email Subject Lines To Instantly Catch Your Customer's Eyes

How often do your emails get reported or have a lesser open rate? Too often! Well, don't worry and get inspired from these 20+ Great Email Subject line Templates.

It’s difficult to challenge the importance of a reactive email list in a business marketing campaign. But as a prospect receive n number of promotional and marketing emails, they ignore such emails with ease. So, how can you make sure that your target audience opens and reads your emails (or at least opens it). Well, email subject lines are a very important part of the email skeleton that can affect your email open rates.

  • 69% users report an email according to its subject line.
  • 35% users decide to open an email based on their subject line.

So, carving a red hot subject line can make your emails irresistible to open in those crowded inboxes.

I have already shared some cool tips about how to carve a great email subject line that guarantees open rates. You can read it here.

In this article, I am trying to share your pain by finding and listing some cool email subject line templates for you. Read them and get your own email subject lines out of them. Also, as the list is not exhaustive, you can share any great email subject line template you come across in the comments below.

1. (Something Terrible Happened)- Now What?

Making a perfect email subject line is all about triggering the right pain point. This subject line triggers the emotion of fear. It provides you the feeling of obtaining a solution (a hope that things still may get better) after a terrible thing has occurred. Here is a good example of the above given email subject line:-

Your Presentation Flopped- Now What?

2. (Buy Something Today) and Save $$$

Now, when you want to use a email subject line that should create urgency, you can use the below example.

For example, if you say- “Buy The Email Marketing Bible in 24 hours, and Save $75”.

3. (Choice 1 or Choice 2)- Which is Better?

This line offers the comparison between two highly discussed products in the market. Therefore, you give power to the user to decide on a product and they can buy the better one.

Example:- Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. Which is Better?

4. Final Chance To Get the Deal

This email subject line helps you to create a “Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)” environment that subconsciously triggers your prospects to open your mails.

Example:- Final Hour to Get 50%+30% OFF. Click Here.

5. (The Offer ) Vanishes In 12 Hours

Another example of creating an FOMO environment. Use subject lines like “The Great Sale Vanishes In 12 Hours” or “This 75% Coupon Vanishes In 10 Hours”.

6. Anyone Can Do It

This email subject line attracts the users by stating how easy it is to acquire things. You can use this example if you have a product or service to offer. For example, “How Certainly Anyone Can Lose 10 kg Weight In 30 days”.

7. How To (Achieve) On a Small Budget

This email subject line example is used more while talking about achieving goals. You can use the above email subject line template in ways like- “How To Buy Your Own Villa On a Small Budget ”.

8. Who Else Wishes To (Achieve More)

You can use this email subject line template in an email where you want to attract your prospects by luring them over more results. Here’s an example- “Who Else Wishes To Make $1000 per week?”.

9. How To (Achieve Profits Or Results) Fast

You can use this example where you are selling an idea or product. Example:- How To Burn Your Belly Fat, Quick?

10. (Number) Bizarre Ways To (Acquire Results)

This email subject line example is actually designed to surprise customers. You can put examples like “10 bizarre ways to Gain Weight” or “9+1 Bizarre Ways To Improve Your Sales”.

11. How Safe (Are You or Your Object)?

The email subject line depicts your prospects are vulnerable and subconsciously forces them to think about a solution.

Example:- “How Safe Is Your Mobile Device?

12. (Things) Made Easy

The subject line attracts prospects to try the service. These kind of email subject lines when targeted on your audience can yield commendable results.

Example:- Instagram For Business Made Easy

13. Afraid Of (A task)?

The email subject line makes your prospects think that they can get the solution of their problem by opening the mail. Thus, it increases email open rate.

Example:- Afraid of Product Launch Getting Bombed?

14. How To (Perform Things Like An Expert)

This subject line attracts the users by explaining them on how to think like pro or an expert. The subject line can be used in emails where you have to link a famous personality to your business to increase its acceptance.

Example:- How To Be Successful Like Warren Buffet?

15. Is Something Creating an Ill Effect?

You can use the example to sell your ideas to improve a thing which is performing bad but was designed for the greater good.

Example:- Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Killing Your Online Business?

16. Want (This Result)? Read This.

Example:- Want to Get a Lean Body. Read this.

You might have seen this template in many of the health-oriented newsletters. This type of subject line is targeted on a very specific audience who are suffering from a particular problem. The aim of the template is to use the pain points of prospects.

17. The Article Every (kind of person or a professional) Must Read

Example:- The Article Every Marketer Must Read

You can simply target an audience and offer them something very exclusive.

18. Don’t (Do Something) Until (You Do This)

Example:- Do not Visit America Until You Read This

You can use this template when you need to force attention on your article. This email subject line automatically acquires attention from audience in your niche and increases email open rate.

19. Let Me Deliver You This Free(Kind Of Content)

Example:- Let Me Give You This Free Email Marketing Video

You can use this email subject line template to offer a free content from your website or blog. Thereby, you can establish your brand with your intellectual content.

20. Steal These (Objects)

You can use the template when your article is starring some productive tools or any offer.

Example:- Steal These Email Subject Line Templates

21. Epic (Kind Of) Fails And How You Can Avoid Them

You can use this template when you want to convey an information about a common problem and how you can avoid them.

Example:- Epic Selfie Fails And How You Can Avoid Them

Therefore, these are some good templates you can use to create your personalized email subject lines to boost your email open rates.

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Written by Deepak Gupta

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