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Fight Mediocrity at Your Workplace, Dare to be Awesome!

Tired of Being Mediocre At Work? These 10 Awesome Habits can take you out of your Comfort Zone and help you Live the life you want.

For me, doing is what I believe in and nothing disturbs me more than the feeling, that I could have done it but I didn’t try. At my workplace, I know many individuals who want to make a big splash. They even give it a shot but gradually, they adjust with their average performance and start loving their comfort zones. Well, this problem lies within us all. We all are constantly getting breeded to stay mediocres. Going to college, getting a decent job, getting married and having kids, and then waiting for death. It may be a good life but it isn’t great. And if you have to get something great, you have to leave the good behind. So, do you agree with me and want to break the monotony? These incredible habits can help you make a million-dollar partner to your your company.

Embrace Your Heroes

We all have idols. Look upon them at this hour of need. Think what would your heroes do if they were facing your situations. Will they just be happy with this current profile you are working at? Will they like your mundane routine of your work? And how would they like to change it? These questions will be definitely difficult but working upon them will break the monotony.

Take ownership of What You Do

How many times did you point others for your failures at your office? There is nothing as sick as blaming others for your failures. By blaming them, you give them power to control your lives and believe me, you would not love doing that. Instead learn to accept things and embrace learning to improve it. Moreover, treat yourself as a partner at your workplace. When you take a job, do not do it as an employee who is doing it for the sake of getting paid. Do not follow your monotonous 9 to 6 routine as well. Believe in your organization’s vision and be happy because you feel that you are being a part of a plan which is greater than a person.

Know Your Co-workers and Customers

You might have heard about “Love Thy Neighbor”. Well, the greatest commandment at workplace is- “Love Your Coworkers”. A manager who builds a relationship with his staff is much better than he who manages his employees and this feeling is not restricted at leadership level. But can be practiced at any levels in the organization. Moreover, love your customers or end-users as well because if you love them, you can create better products for them. Hence, you win at both ends.

Prioritize your goals at work starting from:-

  • Principals
  • People (coworkers (well ,now call them partners) and end-users). If you care for these important people, all other things will automatically come to you.
  • Product.
  • Profit.

Meet your coworkers outside your workplace. Indulge with them in some sports as 20 minutes of sport can enhance mood up to 12 hours. Thus, you may find a good friend in them.

Note:- Always Maintain your boundaries.

Say More YES But Learn to say NO too

Say Yes to challenges as it will burst your bubble. You will be able to appreciate your life at a new level. You will have new experiences and that’s the best gift your life can offer to you. But it is also okay to say no when it seems right to you. You should have a good work-life balance.

Find Your Unique Way to Do your Work

Winners don't do different things, they do the things differently.

Highlight yourself with your ability to perform tasks in a unique way. It is very much urgent to be unique in competitive era. Therefore, come up with new ideas and support ideas which you believe in. It is very much necessary at workplace to listen your hearts. Dance to your heart’s tune and you will find a unique way to do your work.

Break up with Complacency

When you were a child, you never wanted to be a suit, a paper pusher or a dream killer. You wanted to a make difference to the world. You wanted to be a huge splash in the water. So, why are you not making it? It is time that you give up complacency and stop squandering your lives in doing mediocre things. Start from your job. Leave your comfort zone, take more challenges and push yourself to the next level. Because when you start loving your comfort zone, you cease to achieve. So, give up complacency and let the enlightenment dissipate.

Don’t Work For Money

Money should be an inspiring aspect to your work but it should the prime one. There are truly some things in life which money can’t buy. There are many people who earn great paychecks but are not satisfied with their lives. You don’t want to be like them, right? So, find your passion in your work and all other things including money will come in the course of time.

Forget Fear

Do not fear of failing at workplace. All great men failed many times in their lives. So, see failing as learning and move ahead.

Ditch Unwanted Relationships

Choose your company wisely. You are the product of people with whom you spend most of the time with. Your company will reflect on your work and lives.

Keep The Bigger Picture In Mind (about your organization)

It is always advised to keep the bigger picture in mind. When you take a decision, think of the end-results. Is it going to last long? Moreover, believe that you are going to have a long relationship with your organization and act accordingly.

Your lives are definite. So, change your habits at the earliest and perform at your workplace to the fullest. Also, it is advised to build one habit at a time or you might get repulsed to adopt several changes so soon.

Sudhanshu Agarwal

Written by Sudhanshu Agarwal

Director of consumer Service @ LoginRadius | Technical Support | consumer Success | Leadership | Project Management | Product Implementation

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