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10 SEO Blogs You Will Regret Not Reading In 2017 (Hidden Gems Inside!)

Reading top blogs is a no brainer if you want to get the latest SEO trends but unlike popular ones, this post enlists blogs you will regret not reading in 2017

A quality SEO blog persistently updates you about the latest SEO tips and trends. It never let go its content’s quality. I have read numerous blogs on seo during my career and if you believe me, the best content I have come across is not from hotshots. There are such certain dark horses in SEO blogs which stand out from big guns like Moz and Ahrefs. They are capable of reaching out effectively to their audience as well as provide quality content to their readers to enhance their skills in SEO. So, here are some  hidden gems from SEO blogosphere which can help you plan your next SEO campaign.



This blog, from one of the top 50 business intelligence products provides you the latest updates about SEO. They do post in random nature but they include very good posts. Other areas where they focus other than SEO are inbound marketing, copywriting and content marketing.

Why should you follow:**-** Positionly encourages latest SEO topics and some awesome infographics in their content.

Blogging Cage

Blogging Cage Kulwant Nagi Blogging Cage was founded by a young Indian blogger Kulwant Nagi in 2012. The blogger has been featured in many popular blogs like Neil Patel, ProBlogger, YourStory and The Huffington Post. This blog is mainly focused on practical content related to SEO which can be implemented very easily. He also writes about SEO tools and offers discounts on themes (he is a top notch affiliate marketer). Moreover, Kulwant believes in supporting newbie bloggers to increase their knowledge about building great blogs.

Why should you follow:- To acquire in-depth knowledge about blogging and SEO. If you are new to blogging world, his articles can help you a lot.


Eric Ward Eric Ward also known as LinkMoses, founded Ericward.com in 1994. The founder is a one man army and has served to many elite clients like warner bros and discovery channel.

The blog specializes in rendering information and services related to publicity strategies and content linking.

Why should you follow:- If you want to read good articles about link building, he is the guy for you.


builtvisible Builtvisible is a 2009 founded company which is focused to increase digital performance of an organization. Well, the blog has some nice articles related to off-page techniques (content marketing and link building) and on-page optimization (rich schema and AMP).

Why should you follow:- To enhance your knowledge about organic search strategies and technical SEO. They embrace contents with a creative edge.


Chris Brogan The blog is founded by the NYT bestselling author Chris Brogan (CEO of owner media group). As he promises, he is the best in what he does. You can find his magic articles (that’s what he calls his articles) about affiliate marketing, SEO, social media and content marketing on his website. FYI, he also writes about lifehacks to develop your inner self. His long list of clients include some big guns like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Sony and many others.

Why should you follow:- Because this blog is a good package which helps you know about SEO and other channels of digital marketing.

Blind Five Year Old

Blind Five Year Old The blog “Blind Five Year Old” is owned by A.J. Kohn who has been into marketing for nearly 20 years. The strange name of the website is inspired by a popular philosophy in SEO which is to treat search engines like they are blind five year olds. The content in Blind Five Year Old ranges from SEO to PPC, covering everything. The content here is well explained. But, it would be great if they work on Ux.

Why should you follow:- If you want to increase your knowledge about everything related to SEO, product development and search marketing.

Basic Blog Tips

Basic Blog Tips Ileane smith Well, I would agree to the fact that this blog is not completely dedicated to SEO but it has some awesome articles about the niche. The site is owned by Ileane, a blogger and a social media diva to help people gain more clarity about building a good blog.

Why should you follow:- As discussed above, it is a very good site for budding bloggers. You can also acquire good insights about traffic generation with basicblogtips.

Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward

Mathewwoodward.co.uk is great website for everyone who loves SEO. The author has been featured on Entrepreneur, Inc, SEJ, Moz, QuickSprout, Kissmetrics and many more.

Why should you follow:- If you want to learn anything about SEO (and I mean a complete guide about any topic), this is the right place for you.

Gotch SEO

Gotch SEO

GotchSEO has a great blog which is devoted to SEO. The blog provides In-depth guides and online tutorials. Other than SEO, it also provides reviews on major SEO tools like ahrefs.

Why should you follow:- In-depth articles, online tutorials and great reviews about latest SEO products.

Surprise Element!

Viper Chill

Viper Chill Well, this website is not a dark horse. So, why did I add it to the list? Because I believe that it is one of the best blogs I ever come across my life. This blog provides relevant SEO tips to more than 70,000 subscribers. The blog is a must addition to your favorite list.

Why should you follow:- If you love a blog with interesting yet meaningful content, there is nothing better than ViperChill.    Talking about SEO, the landscape is ever-changing and I’m sure that my 11 best hidden gems will make you stay on the top of this SEO game. Now, read them, share your experience and if I have missed out any of other SEO gems (hidden),  please feel free to connect with me in the comments.

Deepak Gupta

Written by Deepak Gupta

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