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All About Google One Tap Login—Explained!

Consumers prefer basic login experiences over complicated signup procedures. The Google One-Tap Login feature, available on Android phones, allows users to quickly sign up for apps or web services with their Google credentials without creating an account.

All About Google One Tap Login—Explained!

Google has recently launched a new secure, frictionless, easy to implement sign-up and sign-in experience by exposing the "googleyolo" API in Google IO 2k18. It comes with more security features to authorize consumers with more control.

The beta version was launched in 2018, and after a lot of feedback and deliberations, Google finally decided to launch its stable version so developers can implement it using HTML/JS.

What is Google One Tap Login

Google One Tap is a new feature that allows users to create an account or log in to the website with a single click. It is also known as YOLO (You Only Login Once).

The login widget appears as a popup, and it will prompt the users to sign in or sign up with the existing Google account when any of these conditions are true:

  • You are logged in to your Gmail account,
  • You've signed in to your Chrome browser.

google one tap login

At first glance, it seems like a convenient feature: you click the web widget and sign in to a site with your existing Google account. There is no need to create a new user, no need to remember the email and password you used to log in before. Just click on a button, and you are good to go.

How Does It Work

A JavaScript library is included on your website. HTML or JavaScript is used to customize the look and feel of the personalized button and, on one tap, control the automatic sign-in and sign-out behaviors.

The Users who are signing in for the first time are prompted for consent to share their Google Account profile information. After providing the consent, a JSON Web Token (JWT) credential containing the user's name, email, and profile picture is shared using a callback handler.

Now you can create a new account on your platform or allow the verified user to continue using your site. If the user is already signed in on a Google device, a personalized button will appear; otherwise, a default button will appear.

Benefits of Google One Tap Login

The benefits can be massive, especially for businesses that struggle with engagement. Customers skip a tedious registration process, get a more customized experience, and at the same time create more opportunities for site owners to engage with them through different marketing channels.

Use cases

Some of the main reasons to add Sign In With Google to your site are:

  • Add a visibly trusted and secure Sign In With Google button to an account creation or settings page.
  • Pre-populate new accounts with consensually shared data from a Google Account profile.
  • Sign in once to a Google Account without re-entering usernames or passwords on other sites.
  • On return visits, sign in automatically or with one click across an entire site.
  • Use verified Google Accounts to protect comments, voting, or forms from abuse while allowing anonymity.

How One Tap Makes the Android Sign-in Process Easy

The consumers will have a better experience using their favorite apps, or websites, as they will have a seamless authentication with Google's One Tap sign-in and sign-up APIs.

One Tap sign-up prompts consumers to register for an account using a dialog that conforms to the app's content.

So, consumers do not feel that they are doing the sign-up process. Once they are finished, they get an account that does not require a password and their Google Account protects it.

Consumers will remain signed in with One Tap, even after switching devices or apps. The consumers will not only sign-up on Android faster, but they can also sign back in with just one click, using the account they are already registered with.

Hence, they no longer need to memorize passwords or usernames they use for their account.


In this blog, we have learned how the Google one-tap login can be helpful for consumers and how it could remove the efforts required to create an account and simplify the login process. We have also covered how Google one tap works, and it gives a better experience to Android consumers.



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