Single Sign-On Unifies User Accounts Across All Your Websites

Single Sign On

We provide single sign-on (SSO), allowing users to login across all your websites and domains using one account instead of forcing them to sign in separately for each.

Our service also links users’ various social accounts to a single profile, allowing you to keep track of them while they enjoy hassle-free navigation between all your websites.

SSO integration helps you centralize data storage and allows your marketing and business development teams to easily run reports tracking user activity across all your websites.

one login

One Login System for Multiple Websites

For those who own multiple websites/domains, LoginRadius offers the functionality of simplified Single Sign-On (SSO). Your users need only sign in with a social account ID on one of your websites for their credentials and user profile data to be automatically transferred and maintained on all your other websites.

Centralized Data Storage

Centralize Data Storage for All Websites

With a SSO integration, your websites feed data into a single database that holds all your users’ profile data gathered from all your web properties. You may use multiple databases as well.

Instant Syncing of User Profile Updates

Our simplified single sign-on implementation allows users to share the same social profile across all of your websites, meaning that if a user updates his/her profile on one website, all the others will reflect the updated information.

Integrate All LoginRadius Solutions

You aren’t restricted to social login through an SSO implementation, you still have access to social sharing, social analytics, and users’ profile data across all of your websites.

Centralized Reporting for All Websites

You can easily run reports to track user activity across all websites, as well as get a comprehensive report of all user profile data.


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