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The Death of Passwords

How many different passwords do you think you have?

Most people fall into either one of two categories. They either have one password that they use across all their accounts and platforms, or they have a different password for every account.

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The problem is that neither of these approaches are very good.

If you only use one password, then you’re putting yourself at risk for being compromised. If you use different passwords, you are constantly having to guess and reset pass codes just to log into your various accounts.

Seems like a lose lose situation.

For Enterprises, customers poor password hygiene can result in heightened security threats and eventually a loss in brand reputation. Especially in recent years, customers have become increasingly more concerned with maintaining the security of their personal data. For example:

  • 90% have data privacy concerns
  • 74% have limited their online activity in the last year due to privacy concerns
  • 28% have stopped an online transaction due to privacy concerns

looking for passwords

But how can Enterprises ensure the safety of their customers data when the conventional methods of authentication are proving the be inherently weak?

Maybe the solution to this conundrum is eliminating the use of passwords altogether.

Already there are many other alternative authentication methods that are becoming more and more popular. Specifically two step authentication, Risk-Based, and Biometric authentication.

In LoginRadius’ new eBook, we dive into the challenges that Enterprises face with the current Username/Password authentication method. We also review the new technologies and authentication methods that are becoming popular in the marketplace, and how they could very well replace passwords in the near future.  

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