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Why is Data Privacy an Immediate Enterprise Priority?

In the past ten years, the rise of privacy-conscious consumers and emerging data regulations have compelled enterprises to prioritize their data management programs. Read more to learn how data privacy has become an enterprise priority.

Deepak Gupta
By Deepak Gupta
July 27, 2022
2 min read

LoginRadius CIAM Platform

Our Product Experts will show you the power of the LoginRadius CIAM platform, discuss use-cases, and prove out ROI for your business.

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What is Cloud Computing?

The concept of cloud computing has offered endless possibilities to businesses since enterprises can avoid several upfront costs and can quickly rent access to any application or storage from a cloud provider. This post uncovers the role of cloud computing in shaping the future of a digitally-advanced modern world.

Manish Tiwari
By Manish Tiwari
May 24, 2022
5 min read

Authentication vs Login - What’s the Difference?

Most cybercriminals attack users and exploit businesses by targeting weak authentication and login mechanisms. Businesses first need to understand the fundamental difference between authentication and login. Once they know the aspects of authentication vs. login, the next step is to ensure a stringent layer of security for their users.

Vishal Sharma
By Vishal Sharma
May 18, 2022
4 min read

How a Simple Password Reset Can Ruin Your Customer's Experience

When done correctly, password resets can be easy and relatively painless for both the customer and the enterprise. By following tips mentioned in this blog, enterprises can ensure that the customers have a positive experience when resetting their passwords.

Chris Starkhagen
By Chris Starkhagen
May 17, 2022
5 min read

GovTech is On The Rise: How Can This Technology Improve Government Services?

GovTech refers to the efforts to digitally transform public administrations and various government and public sector organizations through innovative technological solutions. This post will help you understand the aspects of GovTech and how it’s offering endless opportunities for the sake of citizens’ benefits.

Rakesh Soni
By Rakesh Soni
May 13, 2022
4 min read

5 Access Management Best Practices and Benefits For Businesses

Access management is essential for modern businesses. This blog will walk you through the five access management best practices to help you keep your systems reserved for valid users only.

Vikas Kalwani
By Vikas Kalwani
May 10, 2022
7 min read

LoginRadius Releases Consumer Identity Trend Report 2022, Key Login Methods Highlighted

As a company strongly focused on CIAM, LoginRadius analyzed its global customers over the past year and compiled over 40 unique trends in its annual Consumer Identity Trend report 2022.

Rakesh Soni
By Rakesh Soni
April 27, 2022
2 min read