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Top 10 Retail Banking Technologies

As more retail banks are realizing the benefits of investing in new technologies, CIO’s are continuing to focus on both digital transformations and operational optimization.

The emerging technologies that are receiving a lot of attention in the industry include the solutions that allows for a self-serve model, which reduces costs and provides a better customer experience. For example, customer identity platforms provides simple, out-of-the-box authentication and security solutions that are easy to implement, and greatly improves the user’s digital experience.

Based on a survey done by Gartner, the 2018 Top 10 Retail Banking Technologies include solutions that support digital transformation, customer engagement, and information security. This list can be used as a tool for CIO’s, when evaluating their current and future investments, while keeping in mind their business initiatives:

1. Customer Authentication

2. Card Fraud Management

3. Core Banking

4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

5. Deposit Account Opening Solutions

6. Online Banking

7. Mobile Banking

8. Mobile Payments

9. Digital Signature Software

10. Self-Service Solutions


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