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How IT and Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand in the Business of Customer Identity Management?

Promoting your brand and delivering out-of-the-box services reinforced with robust security is paramount for business success. However, delivering rich experiences remains the most underrated catalyst that can pave the path for exponential growth!


We all know that marketing is complex. And when we have hundreds of competitors in the ever-expanding digital landscape, marketing becomes an uphill battle.

However, a major proportion of your marketing begins the moment a user interacts with your platform. If you can deliver them the experience they expect, you’re on the right track in promoting your services/product.

Promoting your brand and delivering out-of-the-box services reinforced with robust security is paramount for business success. However, delivering rich experiences remains the most underrated catalyst that can pave the path for exponential growth!

Over the years, customer identity management for business is helping enterprises bridge the gap between user experience and security that further improves engagement and trust.

Whether you talk about any renowned brand or a Fortune 500 company, they’re leveraging the perfect harmony of quality services, stringent security, and a great user experience through identity management.

In a nutshell, information technology and marketing may seem as different as night and day, but their perfect symphony is crucial for business success.

Let’s uncover the business advantages of incorporating IT and marketing in harmony and how enterprises can reap the best results through customer identity management.

User Experience and Marketing - Why Begin at the Registration Phase?

We have the tendency to switch a website in a couple of seconds if we’re not pleased with the user experience during the first encounter.

Now, imagine searching for a casual pair of shoes online and landing on an XYZ e-commerce store.

You’re exploring the website, and within a couple of seconds, you’re bombarded with registration forms with many fields asking for your personal information, including name, address, phone number, email, and more.

Remember, you haven’t yet checked the casual shoes you’re searching for!

Will you fill out that complete form and then search for the shoes you’ve been looking for? Absolutely not! What will be your next course of action?

You’ll just close the window and search for the same shoes on another platform that offers a seamless experience and allows you to check out your desired goods quickly.

The same thing happens with other users globally!

Hence, to ensure your marketing works flawlessly, you need to set the seal on your platform’s user experience, especially when users interact with the brand for the first time and are asked for early registration.

A customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution can gradually help enterprises collect crucial user information through progressive profiling.

Through progressive profiling, users aren’t bombarded with big registration forms; instead, they are asked to share their details when they interact with the platform gradually. This ensures a seamless and rich user experience.


What About Security? Should it be a Part of Preference Management and Digital Experience Strategy?

Security is the backbone of any business delivering online services in the modern digital landscape. However, most companies overlook the importance of incorporating a stringent security mechanism in their digital experience and preference management strategy.

Since various security compliances and data regulations like the GDPR and CCPA are becoming more stringent, enterprises need to understand that offering a great user experience while compromising security and privacy could be the worst thing for their business.

Although most customers are concerned about how businesses collect, store, and manage their personal information, many still don’t care about their data security.

Whether your customers are concerned about security or not, you need to ensure your business complies with all the necessary security and data privacy regulations.

But again, the game of adding compliances and increasing security indirectly revolves around compromising user experience, which hampers all the marketing efforts.

So, what could be the ideal solution for overcoming this dilemma of balancing user experience with security?

A customer identity and access management solution could help overcome the challenges of creating a perfect harmony between user experience, security, and global compliances.

Hence, if a business is leveraging a reliable CIAM solution and ensuring security, user experience, and compliance, its marketing would deliver outstanding results like a breeze.

Marketers need not worry regarding the overall security of consumer data. They can promote their brand to deliver a great user experience since they’re backed with a robust security mechanism.

Also, users don’t hesitate to share their consent when they know their data is being safely handled. This can again help businesses collect crucial information that can further help create personalized consumer journeys.

LoginRadius Creates the Perfect Balance Between UX, Security, and Global Compliances

The LoginRadius’ cutting-edge CIAM solution is designed to help brands quickly meet all their requirements of security, user experience, and compliances to help get more out of their marketing strategies.

Businesses leveraging LoginRadius CIAM get endless business advantages, including:

  • Streamlined customer experience
  • Security for data and accounts
  • Scalability and uptime
  • A unified view of each customer
  • Compliance with privacy regulations
  • Advanced login options
  • Optimized data collection
  • Consent management

A customer identity access management solution like LoginRadius can bridge the gap between your customers and the latest identity and personal data protection developments—essential in today’s connected world.

A CIAM helps you take the next step in assuring your customers’ online safety while simplifying their online experience across new digital platforms.

In Conclusion

Marketing and IT go hand-in-hand, and businesses need to understand the importance of creating a balance between the two.

Customer identity management is crucial for businesses striving for growth in a highly competitive business environment.

With a new-age CIAM like LoginRadius, businesses can ensure they deliver a rich consumer experience backed with robust security that can offer endless marketing opportunities.


Rakesh Soni

Written by Rakesh Soni

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