Secure, Maintenance-Free Customer Identity Management

Use our CIM solution effortlessly with secure data storage, JSON data normalization, and our REST API, supported by quality API documentation.

We Speak Your Language 

LoginRadius supports all of the most popular programming languages and can build custom solutions to support many others.

Seamless CMS Solutions 

We build plugins for all popular CMSs so that your implementation is efficient and perfectly aligned with your needs.

Cross-Device Support

Deploy LoginRadius’ CIM platform effortlessly across your native mobile and tablet applications.

We Make Developers Happy

Visit our Support and API Docs for up-to-date implementation guides, FAQs, API Libraries, and orientation videos. We also integrate with dozens of third-party softwares for smooth data flow.

Built with Modern Cloud Infrastructure That You Can Trust

LoginRadius’ API utilizes a best-in-class secure and scalable platform.



Increase or decrease your usage completely hassle-free, as load is balanced and cloud servers auto-scale in seconds.



Built-in security features and internal hardening policies protect your data and help you to meet strict security compliances world-wide.


Global Load Balancing

Cloud servers are hosted across North America, Europe, and Asia with location-based load balancing for lightning fast customer access.


Data Administration

Full back-up and recovery systems that utilize auto-indexing and data normalization offer peace of mind for you and your customers.

Customer Identity Management Made Simple.