Customer Insights

Customer Insights provides access to Profile Data analytics detailing customer usage of Customer Registration Services segmented by demographics, engagement, and website activities.

Unlike traditional analytics, such as Google Analytics, Customer Insights delivers far more in-depth data through the use of customer segmentation analysis. Additionally, data collected is centralized and easy to export in graph format for marketing initiatives.

Customer Registration Service
  • Segmentation Options
  • Custom Date Ranges
  • Real-Time Engagement Data
  • Social Sharing Analytics
  • Exportable Charts and Graphs
Segmentation Options

Your marketing team has full control over the specific data-views of your customers’ activities using the LoginRadius Customer Insights dashboard. Segmenting data by factors such as location, age, gender, social ID preference, and device use, enables your marketing team to make more informed strategic decisions.

Custom Date Ranges

Through the Customer Insights dashboard, your marketing team will be able to view your customers’ behavior within a specific time period.

Real-Time Customer Engagement Data

To better understand your customers, you will find ‘Engagement Insights’ within the LoginRadius Customer Insights dashboard which include a look at Customer Engagement, Monthly Active Customers, and Technology Engagement.

Social Sharing Analytics

With Social Sharing analytics, we help you track the impact that Social Sharing has on your business, and give you a complete picture of how ‘shareable’ your content is as well as how far its reach is.

Exportable Charts and Graphs

Generate and export printable graphs on various customer statistics such as the total number of customers, their return rate, and login frequency.

 How Profile Data Works

How Customer Insights Works

Our easy to use Customer Insights dashboard gives you and your marketing team self-serve access to verified data on your registered customers’ interests, education, relationship status, and online activities. This empowers you to make informed decisions based on a deeper understanding of your userbase.

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Our self-serve analytics dashboard gives your marketing team actionable insights into your customers’ behavior, demographic, and psychographic information. This pre-built analytics platform requires no extra implementation. It provides easy to interpret charts and graphs that summarize all of your data in one place, eliminating data silos.

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