Profile Data

Over 300 authentic Profile Data points are at your fingertips when you use LoginRadius’ Customer Registration Service. With on-demand access and full ownership, your Profile Data allows your marketing team to better understand your customers.

Customer Registration Service
  • Progressive Data Gathering
  • 50+ Platform Integrations
  • 300+ Data Points
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Enhanced Password Security
Progressive Data Gathering

Rather than ask your customers for too much information at once, gather data in a step-by-step process to increase trust and reduce churn rates. Capture basic data initially, then ask for additional data points the next time they return.

50+ Platform Integrations

Feed your Profile Data into 3rd party tools that your business is already utilizing to generate more cohesive business processes. Our solution quickly integrates with over 50 platforms through the use of both pre-built and custom-built modules and plugins.

300+ data points

Each time a customer registers on your website, LoginRadius can obtain permission to gather over 300 social and self-reported data points. This includes everything from name and age, to verified email, and more.

Secure Data Transfer

LoginRadius ensures that all data transfer is highly secure by utilizing a 2048-bit encrypted HTTPS tunnel using OAuth protocol standards. Data access time is maintained with a timed session token for additional security.

Enhanced password security

Using a one-way Hashing Algorithm, LoginRadius makes inversion difficult in order to enhance your website’s registration system’s password security. Not even system administrators are able to see your customer’s passwords.

 How Profile Data Works

How Profile Data Works

LoginRadius normalizes all social and email Profile Data into a single JSON format for consistency and easy development. Profile Data collected from multiple networks are consolidated into a single profile for each customer. This singular data format makes the data flow seamless into third party softwares such as MailChimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, and 50 others.

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— Why LoginRadius? —

Accurate Data, Easy Integration

Improved Business Efficiency

Through the use of progressive data gathering, you are able to move beyond basic data (name, age, email) and slowly collect more extensive profile data (interests, likes, photos) as you build trust with your customers.

We ensure all Profile Data collected through our Customer Registration Service is normalized into the JSON format making it easy to feed into 3rd party applications that your business already relies on. Best of all, you retain permanent ownership and access of all Profile Data you collect.

Reliable Profile Data

88% of customers have intentionally left registration forms blank or filled with false information when registering. Consumers rarely have fake social profiles. In fact, data collected through Social Login has been found to be 86% more accurate, giving you ownership of far more reliable information on your customers.

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