We always keep up with ID provider's API changes and update our API and connectors (SDK and Plugins). This section describe all the updates with our product and company. Any question, please send us email.


Admin Console Release 24.5.0

Jan 2021

This release of the LoginRadius Admin Console brings you some bug fixes, and some improvements as well. See below for details on some of the more notable changes applied to the Admin Console. IMPROVED ID provider certificate is now made required for Team Management -> SSO -> SAML FIXED Site owners can now be optionally […]

Major Release-New Admin Console 6.0

Apr 2020

Great news for you!, LoginRadius launched a beautiful new Admin Console, Version 6.0. Our team has been working hard behind the scenes on this, and we’re happy to announce that it is out today. Please see below for a complete list of changes. ADDED Added Apple Sign in as an easy to configure provider in […]

New CDN-based versioning process for LoginRadiusV2.js

Nov 2019

As per the existing process, the latest version of LoginRadiusV2.js resides at the following URL: For every LoginRadiusV2.js release, the changes are published at the URL above. Hence, if you are using the LoginRadiusV2.js directly from this URL, you will automatically be updated to the latest version. However, if you do not want to […]

New LoginRadius V2 OpenID APIs

Jul 2019

We’ve completely revamped our OpenID Connect 1.0 APIs with new endpoints that will give you more capabilities as per the OpenID Spec. Please see below for a shortlist of some of the new capabilities you’ll find in our OpenID APIs, for a more comprehensive list please refer to our OpenID Overview document. ADDED Multiple OpenID Apps: […]

JavaScript Interface 3.1.4

Apr 2019

This new JavaScript Release introduces the ‘preventVerification’ option along with an important improvement to the “Add New Email” process. Added: Prevent Email Verification: We have added a new JavaScript option ‘preventVerification‘ that can be added to your JavaScript options, to disable the verification email from being sent. Note: This only works if you have email […]

LoginRadius API Core Release V22.4.0

Jan 2019

We have just launched the LoginRadius API V2 Core Release 22.4.0 which brings a range of use-case specific features, allowing greater customizability in your workflows. ADDED Access Token via Google AuthCode API: We have added this new API to allow you to obtain an access_token via the Google Authorization Code for your Android customers. click […]

LoginRadius Dashboard Release v21.0

Aug 2018

This new release of the LoginRadius Dashboard brings additional options that allow you to configure security measures on who has access to login. ADDED IP Access Control: We have added a new IP Access Control section under auth security which can be used to add allowed/denied IPs for API access. QQ Tencent Captcha Menu: New […]

LoginRadius SDK Android v4.1.0

Aug 2018

We have launched a new version of our Android SDK, this new version adds compatibility with some of the newer API functionality that was introduced recently, some functions have also been renamed. Enhancements SOTT can now be passed via header in the Registration APIs. Added Privacy Policy API Added Reset Password By Email OTP API Added Verify […]

LoginRadius Dashboard Release v20.0

Aug 2018

You may have noticed that the Dashboard’s appearance has changed, we have just launched a new version of the LoginRadius Dashboard! Please see below for the list changes: Faster Load Times: We have made code changes to improve the load times in the Dashboard. Updated supported Ciphers list: New Ciphers have been added to our […]

Core Release V22.0.0

Aug 2018

ADDED Added NT Hash Algorithm: The NT Hash Algorithm can now be enabled for storing customer passwords. Login on Password Reset: Our APIs can now be enabled to login the user by returning the access_token along with the customer profile upon a successful password reset. Refresh Access token API: The Refresh Token API now has […]