Company Updates

We always keep up with ID provider's API changes and update our API and connectors (SDK and Plugins). This section describe all the updates with our product and company. Any question, please send us email.


Admin Console Release 24.9.0

Jul 2021

This release of the LoginRadius Admin Console brings you some improvements and new features as well. See below for details on some of the more notable changes applied to the Admin Console. IMPROVED Removed the Add button for Risk Identified Email templates to Admin in the Admin Console. ADDED SAML implementation UI is now available […]

LoginRadius Dashboard Release 21.3

Feb 2019

Level up your identity game with this new Dashboard release, this new release introduces new ways to access your customer identites via the Dashboard, see below for details. ADDED Added field counts for Segmentation & Data Query: All of the aggregated keyword fields such as Provider, Country etc. now show the matching profile count in […]

LoginRadius Dashboard V16.0

Dec 2017

This dashboard release includes a major redesign and UI improvements within User Management and User Insights, which includes the following changes Manage Users: The Registered Users tab in the Manage Users section (under User Management) now shows the top 10 registered user profiles. Data Export: This feature has been updated with the ability to only […]

LoginRadius Core Release V17.0

Jun 2017

There is no shortage of new features for this new API release! With a focus on account security, here are the latest API additions: New Features! Passwordless Login or Registration / Simplified Instant Registration – Allow an end user to login without registration by prompting the user to input their email/phone number, and all it […]

LoginRadius API V2 Official Release

Jun 2017

LoginRadius API V2 – Ready to Take on the World We are very happy to announce that our API V2 is now officially out of beta! The API V2 adds even more flexibility to our platform with increased customization capabilities. It also provides you with added security functions and more efficient APIs. Included with the […]

LoginRadius Dashboard – 12

May 2017

It’s time for a great change as we introduce version 12 of our Dashboard! With this new Dashboard comes accessibility to numerous new features, as well as a more intuitive navigation throughout your account. Changes included in this new release: Menu Navigation: We’ve reorganized the layout of the menus to provide a more intuitive experience […]

LoginRadius Dashboard – 11

Apr 2017

Introducing Version 11 of the LoginRadius User Dashboard. Please see below for a list of our new features: Changes: Two Factor Authentication (2FA): Backup Codes are now part of the Dashboard Login Lockout: you can set if a user fails too many logins if they should be locked out until they complete a captcha or […]

Improved Support and APIdocs

Apr 2015

A new layout and user experience has been released with full search feature for support and APIdocs sections.