Core API Release 36.0.0
Jul 2023

We have rolled out another version of the Core APIs. This core API release brings you with a few new features and a bug fix.


  • Introduced a new feature called “Voice over OTP,” which will send voice OTPs.
  • Implemented a new feature called “TOKEN_AS_JWT.” Enabling this feature will replace the existing access token with a JWT token.
  • Introducing the new “Multipurpose Email/OTP Token Generation API” that enables diverse token and OTP generation for email verification, password recovery, one-touch login, and more.


  • The issue of the Account APIs not utilizing the Admin Console setting has been resolved.


  • The security update of using an invalid refresh token multiple times, resulting in the invalidation of other active refresh tokens, has been rolled back

Please reach out to support or live-chat for general inquiries and assistance regarding the implementation of the new features and enhancements.