LoginRadius API

We always keep up with ID provider's API changes and update our API and connectors (SDK and Plugins). This section describe all the updates with our product and company. Any question, please send us email.


LoginRadius Core Release 22.1.0

Aug 2018

We have just launched the LoginRadius API V2 Core Release 22.1. We have introduced great new features that allow you to customize further your Login flows. ADDED One Touch Login Captcha Support: We have added two new endpoints allowing you to use a Captcha service with the One Touch Login APIs for phone and email. […]

Core Release V22.0.0

Aug 2018

ADDED Added NT Hash Algorithm: The NT Hash Algorithm can now be enabled for storing customer passwords. Login on Password Reset: Our APIs can now be enabled to login the user by returning the access_token along with the customer profile upon a successful password reset. Refresh Access token API: The Refresh Token API now has […]

LoginRadius Core Release 2.4.0

May 2018

Our Core API Release 20.4.0 brings new features to optimize the security of our existing functionalities. Please see the details below: ADDED API Request Signing: This is an enhanced method of securing your API request with a signature composed of the account credentials and the API post body. OTP Lockout: OTP login now supports the […]

LoginRadius Core Release V20.0.3

Apr 2018

The new LoginRadius Core Release V20.0.3 brings new capabilities and improvements to the LoginRadius Platform that make it easier to customize your workflows.   ADDED QQ Tencent Captcha Integration: LoginRadius now supports QQ Tencent Captcha. This captcha service can be utilized and configured along with Google reCaptcha. Time-based Account Lockout: This security feature can be set […]

LoginRadius Core Release V20.0.0

Mar 2018

Introducing the LoginRadius Core API release 20.0.0 that includes brand new functionality and enhancements. see below for a summary of the changes and improvements ADDED Privacy Policy Versioning: To keep track of the privacy policy version that a user has agreed to on your site, you now have the ability to save and update this […]

LoginRadius Core Release V19.0.0

Feb 2018

This new release of the LoginRadius V2 API brings improved workflows and new security features. ADDED SHA512 Algorithm for Passwords: LoginRadius has added support for storing passwords in SHA512. OTP Email Verification: We have added the infrastructure to allow for Email One Time Passcode (OTP).Remove Phone ID by Access Token: If an account has a […]

JavaScript Interface Release 2.10

Feb 2018

The LoginRadiusV2.js interface just got better with new actions and new hooks this new release brings a lot of useful features for customizing your identity workflows. ADDED: Prompt for Password on first Social Login: Easily prompt your first time social users for a password to configure a traditional email and password login. Unique UserName flow: […]

LoginRadius Core Release V18.5.0

Nov 2017

Announcing the LoginRadius API V18.5.0 which brings additional features & improvements that increase the customizability of your API usage. ADDED  – API Key and Secret via POST header: Now you can pass your API Key and Secret via your POST header when using our Management API. ADDED  – Account Identities by Email: This new API […]

LoginRadius API Core Release V18.4.0

Oct 2017

In this release, we bring new API capabilities that make it easier to work with the existing APIs, along with a few exciting new features Account Email Add/Update: You can use this new API call to easily add or update emails from a user profile. Disable Custom Object Client-side Access: In order to improve custom […]

LoginRadius Core Release V18.0

Aug 2017

Announcing the LoginRadius API V18.0 which brings many new features and improvements, many making how you interact with the API much easier: New Features! Risk Based Authentication – the system can verify the user’s login request with a request for additional information, or even prompt the user to answer security questions when it detects possible […]