Product Updates

We always keep up with ID provider's API changes and update our API and connectors (SDK and Plugins). This section describe all the updates with our product and company. Any question, please send us email.


LoginRadius Admin Console Release 22.1

Mar 2019

This release of the Admin Console focused on the UX (user experience), please see below for details on some of the more notable changes applied to the different Admin Console sections. ADDED Customer Segmentation: Ability to segment customers using the ExternalIds field in the Customer Segmentation has been added. Customer Segmentation: Sorting Segmentation fields in […]

LoginRadius Dashboard Release 21.3

Feb 2019

Level up your identity game with this new Dashboard release, this new release introduces new ways to access your customer identites via the Dashboard, see below for details. ADDED Added field counts for Segmentation & Data Query: All of the aggregated keyword fields such as Provider, Country etc. now show the matching profile count in […]

Dashboard Release 21.2

Oct 2018

This new Dashboard release introduces a lot of new capabilities that were previously only available via the LoginRadius APIs, see below for the list of features. ADDED Roles And Membership: From this new section, you can manage the multiple roles and permissions of your customers. Progressive Profiling Feature: Configure Progressive Profiling directly from within the […]

LoginRadius Dashboard Release v21.0

Aug 2018

This new release of the LoginRadius Dashboard brings additional options that allow you to configure security measures on who has access to login. ADDED IP Access Control: We have added a new IP Access Control section under auth security which can be used to add allowed/denied IPs for API access. QQ Tencent Captcha Menu: New […]

LoginRadius Dashboard Release v20.0

Aug 2018

You may have noticed that the Dashboard’s appearance has changed, we have just launched a new version of the LoginRadius Dashboard! Please see below for the list changes: Faster Load Times: We have made code changes to improve the load times in the Dashboard. Updated supported Ciphers list: New Ciphers have been added to our […]

Core Release V22.0.0

Aug 2018

ADDED Added NT Hash Algorithm: The NT Hash Algorithm can now be enabled for storing customer passwords. Login on Password Reset: Our APIs can now be enabled to login the user by returning the access_token along with the customer profile upon a successful password reset. Refresh Access token API: The Refresh Token API now has […]

LoginRadius Dashboard Release 19.0.0

May 2018

The latest LoginRadius Dashboard Release 19 delivers a more intuitive design along with new functionality. Please see details below. ADDED Unverify Customers: You can now Unverify customers that have been set as Verified in the Dashboard. Go to Profile Management and choose ‘Full View’ on the desired profile. Dashboard Section Revamp: The main ‘Dashboard’ section […]

LoginRadius Dashboard V18.0

Apr 2018

The new LoginRadius Dashboard Release 18 delivers a multitude of design improvements along with useful new features. Please see details below. ADDED OpenID Connect: OpenID Connect has been added to the ‘Federated SSO’ section. Workflow Settings: We are introducing a new Workflow Settings section to provide details of the configured workflows in your LoginRadius account. […]

LoginRadius iOS SDK Release V5.0.0

Feb 2018

We have launched a new version of our iOS SDK, This new release includes the addition of many of our newer sets of APIs that are part of the LoginRadius V2 API ecosystem. please see below for the list of enhancements. Enhancements Improved the size overhead, this SDK is below 380kb for everything. Improved the […]

LoginRadius Dashboard V16.5

Jan 2018

This new LoginRadius Dashboard Release brings useful functionality that will simplify the process of editing your LoginRadius registration form, along with a new help widget. ADDED ‘Advanced Options’ tab in Standard Login area: The Advanced Options section provides you with various workflow configurations so you can choose how you wish the login/registration form to behave […]