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Hacktoberfest 2021: Contribute and Win Swag from LoginRadius

At LoginRadius, we're excited to celebrate Hacktoberfest 2021. Contribute to our open source projects and win cool LoginRadius branded swag to show off!

What is Hacktoberfest 2021?

Hacktoberfest 2021 is the 8th edition of Hacktoberfest hosted by DigitalOcean. It is an open source festival celebrated during October every year, encouraging people worldwide to actively participate and contribute to participating open source projects hosted across GitHub and GitLab.

In fact, Hacktoberfest 2020 had attracted 169,886 participants and 116,361 participating open source repositories, representing 135 countries.

You can simply register yourself here and start contributing to any participating open source project from Oct 01 - Oct 31. And if you meet the contribution criteria set by DigitalOcean, you’ll receive a Hacktoberfest t-shirt from DigitalOcean!

Additionally, if you make successful contributions to LoginRadius open source projects, you’ll separately receive a LoginRadius branded Hacktoberfest t-shirt from us, recognizing and thanking you for your valuable contributions.

Why Contribute to LoginRadius Open Source Projects?

LoginRadius is an industry-leading Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) provider with a mission to secure every identity on this planet.

At LoginRadius, we’re committed to making our cloud platform more accessible for developers across tech stacks, so they can quickly implement user registration and authentication processes in their applications and become more efficient at focusing on core business features.

We’ve always loved open source and the many great things it has done for the software development community and businesses. This inspired us to open source many of our projects, including SDKs, LR CLI, and Async Blog, a leading publication for developers by developers.

Through our open source projects, we actively collaborate with the developer community and drive change and innovation for the optimistic progress of everyone.

When you contribute to our open source projects, you’re helping the whole developer community become efficient, productive, and helping them manage user identities and authentication on their applications securely and scalably.

How to Contribute?

The exciting part about being involved in the open source community is that no matter how small or big your contributions are, the community will welcome your efforts and collaborate with you positively, sharing feedback and expressing gratitude.

Especially with LoginRadius open source projects, your contributions can make a big difference! We also try making your collaboration with us more enjoyable.

Please note that only contributions that add significant value to our projects will be eligible for swag. This will be at our sole discretion. But you may go ahead and contribute in any way you would like.


You should have a basic to intermediate understanding of the following:

  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Forking a repository
  • Creating a pull request

Repositories for Contributing

Each of the following public repositories on GitHub will have a list of issues listed. You can choose to work on these issues based on your skills and expertise in solving them.

At LoginRadius, we value your contributions and proactively collaborate with you to get your contribution accepted.

But one thing to keep in mind is that we don’t tolerate spamming.

So, what is spamming?

Spamming is creating a pull request for the sake of it and not adding value in any way. We’ll identify spam pull requests and report them according to GitHub guidelines.

Anyways, you don’t have to worry about spamming accidentally: it seldom occurs without a clear intention. If we identify something as spam, we’ll let you know and help you understand why it is marked as spam.

You can also easily find issues with the hacktoberfest label in order to know which repositories are seeking contributions. Or, you can simply click here to find all the issues needing contribution.

That all being out of the way, here are the open source projects for which we’re seeking your valuable contributions:

  • LoginRadius CLI: We understand that developers love the simplicity and efficiency offered by CLI. So, we recently launched CLI for LoginRadius, which helps implement and manage LoginRadius CIAM faster than ever.

    As our CLI still has room for becoming great, we seek your contributions in any way possible to make it better and help developers become more productive.

  • Async Blog: This is our open source blog created for developers by developers. If you’ve expertise in solving issues and fixing errors, please come forward and share your expertise with the world.

    We have a few issues created for this repository based on our research about what problems developers are currently facing and trying to solve them. Share your expertise, write a blog, and be a holding hand for developers in need!

  • LoginRadius Docs: This is an extensive resource for developers and engineers for understanding LoginRadius and implementing it. Though this project is mature, as we keep on bringing innovations and features, we need developers who are already familiar with LoginRadius to embed their unique expertise and view on LoginRadius in our docs.
  • IDX Auto Tester: This is LoginRadius Identity Experience Automation Framework, which includes automation scripts written in Nightwatch.js and Node.js Core Assertion Testing Library for assertions. If you’re a Nightwatch.js geek, this is the project for you to flex your coding muscles!
  • Awesome Test Cases Collection: This repository includes basic checks needed to verify various features of LoginRadius. If you’re a tester and already familiar with LoginRadius and its features, this is the project you can contribute to.
  • Go SAML: This is a SAMl 2.0 implementation in Go for implementing single sign-on (SSO) using LoginRadius. This also allows you to integrate identity providers like Google, Facebook, and Twitter on your applications. Contribute to this project to make SSO much more accessible for developers.
  • Business Email Validator: This project focuses on only allowing business email domains for signups. You can simply improve this project by adding more public email domains and ensuring that no private domain is accidentally added to this list.
  • Egnature: This is a free and open source email signature generator. Contribute to this project, so anyone can easily set up their own email signature generator for their employees or community members.
  • PS Softlist: This project offers a PowerShell script that helps you validate software installed on a Windows machine against a whitelist you create. This helps to perform software audits and generate relevant reports where compliance is essential. If you breathe PowerShell day in and day out, this is the project you can make a remarkable contribution to.

Please note that each project will have specific guidelines on how to contribute in general and raise pull requests. Also, each project will have issues listed that you can pick and work on.

If you’re facing any issues with locally running a project or something else, please feel free to raise an issue for the project. Our team will help you out.

Win LoginRadius Branded Swag

By actively participating in Hacktoberfest, you make the open source community more sustainable, and, in turn, this makes you feel at home. Empowering one another is what best depicts the open source philosophy and is a reward in itself.

However, we want to make it more fun by sending cool t-shirts to all the accepted/eligible contributors. Just make sure to fill this form after you raise a pull request.

Don’t forget that your contributions to our projects also count towards your overall Hacktoberfest contributions calculated by DigitalOcean — and if you’re eligible, they’ll send you another t-shirt as well.

Let’s have fun with Hacktoberfest 2021!


Raghunath Reddy

Written by Raghunath Reddy

Raghunath is a technical content writer with a graduate degree in computer science. He is also a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) enthusiast and enjoys studying the English language.

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