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Customizable Social Login Platform for small companies

  • Included Products

  • Social Login

    Get a white label Social Login that is fully customizable, with over 35 ID Providers

  • Basic User Profile Data

    Get social profile data points - name, email, interests, education, etc.

  • Native Mobile App Support

    Implement LoginRadius on native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms easily

  • Basic Customer Insights

    Get access to 5 different analytics charts on Social Login and User Data

  • Social Add-ons

    Get social add-ons namely Social Share widget, and permission-based sharing

  • 24/7 Email Support

    Receive email support from our engineering team 24/7



Entry-level Customer Identity and Access Management (cIAM) solution for small companies

  • Everything in Silver, plus

  • Managed User Registration

    A Managed User Registration Service to let your users sign up with their email address and password

  • Password Management

    Retrieving and resetting of user passwords, and retrieving of forgotten ID providers

  • User Profile Storage & Management

    Store your users' profile data in a separate LoginRadius cloud data instance

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Add Single Sign-On to multiple websites for Traditional Login and Social Login users

  • Advanced Customer Insights

    Get access to 10 different analytics charts on Social Login and User Data

  • User Profiling

    Segment your userbase to analyze further and run targeted email campaigns

  • Essential Integrations

    Integrate LoginRadius with common 3rd party applications such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, Hubspot, etc.



Advanced cIAM Solution for small to mid-sized companies

  • Everything in Gold, plus

  • All Social Profile Data

    Get 300+ data points - interests, education, contacts, follower count, etc.

  • Identity-centric CRM

    Store non-profile customer data and attach it to the customer identity

  • Dedicated Data Storage Instance

    Have a dedicated data storage instance for your organization

  • Scalable to Larger User Base

    The plan offers up to 100,000 users and you can upgrade to support up to 1 million users

  • CRM Data API

    Access and use your user data through the Data API

  • Advanced Integrations

    Integrate LoginRadius with 100+ 3rd party applications such as Salesforce, Adobe Experience Manager, etc

  • Live Chat Support

    Receive live chat support from our engineers during business hours, plus priority 24/7 email support


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Scalable cIAM Solution with custom deployment for mid to large-sized companies

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  • Everything in Platinum, plus

  • Custom Deployment

    Have your specific needs met with custom features, use-case, integrations and plugins

  • Regional Cloud Data Storage

    Easily adhere to any government regulations with regional data storage anywhere from North America to Europe

  • SAML Integration

    Integrate LoginRadius cIAM platform with SAML

  • Custom Third Party Integrations

    Custom integration of your customer identities and data to any 3rd party applications

  • Analytics API

    Access your LoginRadius analytics data directly to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party analytics software

  • Service Level Agreement

    Our service contract guaranteeing availability, performance, and support response times

  • Dedicated Implementation

    A dedicated Implementation Specialist to work with your engineering team and help through the deployment

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    A Dedicated Manager for your account to ensure success with LoginRadius

  • Phone Support

    Receive phone support during business hours

Thousands of websites trust us with their Customer Identity Management.

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I have multiple websites and large user base, do you offer custom pricing?

Yes, we do. We can offer you a custom plan to meet your requirements. Please let us know all your requirements here and one of our product expert will contact you asap.

Do you offer special pricing for non-profits, startups, or agencies?

Yes. We love helping nonprofits, startups, and agencies grow their business. For special pricing options, please contact us.

Can I speak to your Engineering Team for technical evaluation before I purchase?

Yes, we can schedule a technical call to help you understand. Please let us know when you speak to our Account Executive.


How long does it take to implement LoginRadius?

Depending upon the number of websites and LoginRadius feature sets, the implementation takes from few hours to a few weeks.

Can I migrate my existing userbase to LoginRadius?

Yes! You can migrate your existing users and data from in-house database or any other providers to LoginRadius. We'll assist you with whole migration process.

Can you implement LoginRadius solution or integrations on my website?

Yes, we do offer professional services including full-implementation of LoginRadius solution and/or integrations. Please contact us for more details.


How does pricing change with growth in userbase?

You can always add blocks of 100K users for additional license fee. Please see block pricing under desired pricing plan.

How can I upgrade my plan?

Upgrading features and plan is very easy and seamless. You need not to re-implement our solution or change anything at your end. Contact our support team and we will upgrade your LoginRadius account.

How many applications can I run the solution on?

LoginRadius can be run on 100s of web, mobile or other types of applications. You can manage all that from a single LoginRadius Dashboard.

Still have questions?

Contact us at 1-844-625-8889 or send us a message.