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The Worst Passwords of 2019

Overall, a major challenge for corporations is poor passwords combined with smart hackers. You need cybersecurity that prevents access to your confidential data to protect your business from expensive hacks and breaches. Choose a globally-certified CIAM solution like LoginRadius for state-of-the-art safety and increased customer experience.

These days, businesses have an understanding of security hygiene and the risks of using insecure passwords.

Yet, the password management struggle is real and it is hitting businesses hard.

Given the fact that stolen or reused passwords are responsible for 80% of hacking-related breaches, it’s high time for businesses to fix their overall security posture and step up their cybersecurity game.

While more and more businesses are taking this concern seriously and are implementing security measures like password management, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and single sign-on (SSO), it is unfortunate that people still cling to poor password habits.

NordPass came up with a database of 500 million leaked passwords and ranked them based on their usage in its list of worst passwords in 2019. Keep reading for some of the worst of the bunch.

The Top 51 Worst Passwords of 2019

In this list, you’ll recognize some old standbys like "123456" and "password" in the top spots. But there are some unexpected ones here, too.

For example, passwords like zinch and g_czechout may seem harder to crack, yet they still made it to the 7th and 8th positions, respectively.

You’ll also see popular female names like Jasmine or Jennifer. Another tactic is using a string of letters that forms a pattern or a line on the keyboard. Popular examples include asdfghjkl and 1qaz2wsx.

credential stuffing

Here they all are in top ranking order.

Rank Password Count
1 12345 2812220
2 123456 2485216
3 123456789 1052268
4 test1 993756
5 password 830846
6 12345678 512560
7 zinch 483443
8 g_czechout 372278
9 asdf 359520
10 qwerty 348762
11 1234567890 329341
12 1234567 261610
13 Aa123456. 212903
14 iloveyou 171657
15 1234 169683
16 abc123 150977
17 111111 148079
18 123123 145365
19 dubsmash 144104
20 test 139624
21 princess 122658
22 122658 116273
23 sunshine 107202
24 BvtTest123 106991
25 11111 104395
26 ashley 94557
27 00000 92927
28 000000 92330
29 password1 92009
30 monkey 86404
31 livetest 83677
32 55555 83004
33 soccer 80159
34 charlie 78914
35 asdfghjkl 77360
36 654321 76498
37 family 76007
38 michael 71035
39 123321 69727
40 football 68495
41 baseball 67981
42 q1w2e3r4t5y6 66586
43 nicole 64992
44 jessica 63498
45 purple 62709
46 shadow 62592
47 hannah 62394
48 chocolate 62325
49 michelle 61873
50 daniel 61643
51 maggie 61445

Why is password hygiene not taken seriously?

Now that you've seen the worst passwords, you may want to improve the password hygiene of your enterprise.

But what if your customers don't follow good password hygiene?

Unfortunately, many don't. The biggest reason is that remembering multiple passwords for multiple accounts is hard work. This leads to people using easy-to-guess passwords or recycled passwords which can lead to a domino effect of attacks on both consumers and companies.

Another flawed approach is that people may think their information is insignificant, so they assume that no hacker would care about them. However, a ransomware attack can lock users out of their accounts and become quite costly.


How can you improve password security?

As our worst passwords list shows, you can’t stop everyone from using bad passwords. However, you can prevent hackers from accessing passwords by using a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution. Here’s how.

An Identity Platform can help companies implement industry-standard hashing algorithms that protect passwords during transit or at rest. This is an effective way to prevent data from being exposed to hackers.

With the increase in frequency and complexity of attacks, companies could also utilize additional features like two-factor authentication, risk-based authentication, and passwordless login.

By implementing these features, companies can increase security to customer accounts that will help prevent data breaches and hacks.

A CIAM solution also saves resources. Your support and development teams can devote their time to growing your business rather than responding to data breaches.

Overall, bad passwords coupled with smart hackers are a big problem for  businesses. To protect your company from costly hacks and breaches, you need cybersecurity that prevents access to your sensitive data. For state-of-the-art cybersecurity and enhanced customer experience, choose a globally-certified CIAM solution like LoginRadius.

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