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2018, Apr 11

LoginRadius Announces Release of Federated Identity Management

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, April 11, 2018 / — LoginRadius, a leader in Customer Identity Management, has launched Federated Single Sign-On (SSO) as part of the Authorization Services module of the LoginRadius Identity Platform.

The growth of digital transformation means more of our daily activity is moving online. While this is great for the consumer in terms of convenience but it also means complications. Consumers now interact with multiple online service providers as part of their daily lives (EG: Banks, Insurance, Healthcare, Government Services, Shopping & Travel). For each service provider (SP), the consumer is expected to create and remember unique credentials. This is inconvenient for the consumer and inefficient for the SP who has to develop and maintain their own identity management solution.

Federated Identity Management solves this problem by allowing groups of SPs to share a single identity provider (IDP). The SPs customers are able to create a single set of credentials with the common IDP (LoginRadius), who then provides authorization for each individual SP within the group (Federation).

Federated Identity Management helps customers by reducing passwords, improving customer experience, productivity and security. Businesses benefit through reduced costs associated with password recovery, enhanced security, better data quality and increased customer engagement and revenue.

As an example, a City that offers its citizens digital services through different departments – Parks & Recreation, Permits & Licensing and Property Taxes. Each of these departments typically operate independently and have their own web properties that Citizens have to interact with individually. With Federated Identity Management, the City becomes the central identity provider (IDP) for each of its departments who are the service providers (SP). Citizens can create a single online “Citizen” identity that will allow them to seamlessly access all of the City’s digital services.

“Federated Identity Management provides a seamless user experience, improves customer engagement and security.” said Deepak Gupta, CTO and Co-Founder of LoginRadius. “Federation also centralizes customer profile data into a Single Customer View for improved customer analytics, segmentation and GDPR compliance.”

LoginRadius’ Federated Identity works by always storing the user’s credentials with the Identity Provider (IDP). When the user logs into any of the services in the group, instead of providing credentials to the SP, the SP trusts the IDP to validate the user’s credentials. The user only provides credentials directly to the IDP. This is done via different protocols of which LoginRadius supports: SAML, OpenID Connect, JWT and Multipass. In addition, LoginRadius’ Federated Identity supports the Single Logout function.

Additionally, LoginRadius creates one user database for each grouping of sites. As a result, despite accessing multiple website and mobile apps, only one profile is created in the database for each identity. This allows companies to achieve the Single Customer View (SCV) for every customers and create unified profiles which are site and app neutral.

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About LoginRadius
LoginRadius is a leading provider of cloud-based Customer Identity and Access Management solutions for mid-to-large sized companies. LoginRadius’ solution serves over 3,000 businesses with a monthly reach of 650 million users worldwide. The company has been named as an industry leader in the cIAM space by Gartner, Forrester, Kuppingercole, and Computer Weekly.

LoginRadius’ platform helps companies deliver a connected customer experience, creates an integrated marketing ecosystem, and centralized customer data to define a unified profile and better manage their customer identities. Some of the key products include customer registration services, profile management, single sign on (SSO), integration with third party marketing applications, user management, customer insights, and more.

The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with additional offices in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

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