Security Is Not Just a Feature; It’s Our Foundation.

The LoginRadius platform has been designed and built with security as our highest priority

Our Platform Delivers World-Class Security

Built with Security Standards

Our platform incorporates the highest security standards to ensure that your customer data, both at rest and in transit, are protected. From client browsers to the application to internal databases, your data is always transferred following Open Authentication 2.0 protocols through an encrypted HTTPS tunnel.

Legal and Security Compliances

We take all possible measures to deliver world-class security for our clients, and our legal team works hard to ensure that the LoginRadius platform adheres to strict and updated government regulations, security compliances and policies.

Why Data Security Is Critical for Your Business

A data breach not only threatens a tremendous business liability and branding damage but it also breaks the trust amongst existing and prospective customers, damaging your business significantly. Hence, data security is absolutely vital for the long-term health of any business.

Our Security Partners

LoginRadius is partnered with Deloitte and Microsoft to deliver the best security for our clients.

Ensuring Security at Every Step

End-To-End SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption secures the sensitive customer data to prevent unauthorised access and rogue attacks.

Automated Security Logging and Monitoring

Automated logging of the activity trail occurring on your applications to monitor and track unusual behavior.

Password Security

A one-way hashing algorithm makes inversion difficult, helping to strengthen the security of your web and mobile applications.

Two Factor Authentication

A combination of two or more authentication methods to further strengthen security and protect systems from attacks.

LoginRadius cIAM Platform

Built For Engineers, By Engineers

We’ve built a developer friendly platform with extensive API documentation, open-source SDKs, fully customizable interfaces, and best in class security features. Ready to give it a spin?