Single Sign On

Single Sign-On for a Connected Experience

Allow your customers to navigate across your digital properties without having to re-authenticate with single web login.

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Single Identity across Your Digital Properties

With Single Sign-On, allow your customers to create and use a single identity across all of your digital properties. The same identity can be used to log into multiple web and mobile properties without having to register separately for each.

Secure & Connected Logout for a Single Identity

As customers use single identity, you can enable a single logout across all of your digital properties. Single logout signs customers out of all the active sessions across all active properties simultaneously.

Supporting Multiple Authentication Types

Deploy Single Sign-On with Standard Login, Social Login, Phone Registration, Two-factor Authentication, Anonymous Login, and more. Irrespective of which identity your customers use or the mode of authentication, they can use the same identity for single web login.

Social Single Sign-On

When a customer signs up using a Social ID, they don’t need to re-authenticate again as they navigate to your other digital properties. The LoginRadius platform allows customers to login at high speed without having to type in their credentials, this improves your conversion rates and significantly reduces bounce rates.

Cross-Channel Authentication

Improve your customer experience with seamless cross-channel authentication, allowing your customers to authenticate using one channel and utilize it across other channels with Single Sign-on.

Build Unified Profiles

Using Single Sign-On, build and maintain unified customer profiles which will be used across all of your digital properties. You get a single view for each of your customers. Any profile changes made by the customer on any of your web or mobile properties will be reflected across all the other assets showing the same unified profile.

Centralized Reporting and Analysis

Single sign-on (SSO) not only enable unified profiles of your customers but also enabled a centralized reporting and analysis across all digital properties. This is an in-built feature our analytics solution and can also be integrated with other analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.

Federated Access through Single Sign-On

Setup Single Sign-On to enable access to third party websites through federated access.


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