What is Social Login?

As one component of LoginRadius’ Customer Registration Service, Social Login allows customers to register or log into your website or app using their existing social network IDs.

This simplifies the sign-up process, saving your customers from remembering their username and password every time they return to log into your website.

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How social login works

How does it work?

Social Login forms a direct connection between your website and the APIs of various popular social networks.

  1. A customer clicks on a Social Login button on your website.
  2. An instant authentication request is sent to the social network.
  3. The network confirms your customer’s ID, giving them access to your site.
  4. Your marketing team receives accurate Profile Data from the social network.


Who does it benefit?

Your Customer

Improved user experience with quicker, more secure, registered access to your website. Say goodbye to failed authentication!

Your IT Team

Streamlined registration process with the elimination of forgotten password requests and easy integration with existing business software.

Your Marketing Team

Higher registration rates and better understanding of your customers, with access to over 300 highly accurate social data points.

Customer Identity Management Made Simple.