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Managed Registration for a Delighted Customer Experience

Fully managed and customizable registration as a service that is easy to use for both businesses and consumers alike.

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The LoginRadius Managed Registration as a Service

Registration Form

Create registration forms in any language with custom fields, custom strings, interfaces of your choice and anti-bot Captcha.

User Verification

LoginRadius verifies email addresses before creating user accounts and profiles.

Login Screen

Create custom login screens that support both traditional login as well social login along with password reset and account creation options.

Email Workflow

Set up custom email templates and workflows in order to automate the registration process for your customers.

Full Customization

Registration as a Service that can completely integrates with web and mobile assets for a seamless experience.

Fully customizable Registration as a Service

Custom User Interface and Experience

LoginRadius offers a fully customizable user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) for the registration flow, form, login screen, and password recovery. You can design unique UI and UX for each of your applications.

Custom Registration Fields

Fully customize your registration form by adding in custom fields and field names. We give you a wide range of customization options to choose from, allowing you to set a field as optional or mandatory and set the field type to a textbox, radio button, checkbox or dropbox.

Custom Validation Rules

Define rules for registration form fields such as password complexity, email validation, optional or mandatory fields, and much more.

Custom User Flow

Design your desired user flows and create a smooth and seamless user experience for your applications.

Self Service Password Management

Never deal with forgotten password requests again with the LoginRadius self- serve password management feature that automatically assists users as they recover their passwords or forgotten social ID provider.

Forgotten Username or Password

Allow users to reset their username or password on demand via automated email verification links.

Forgotten Social ID Provider

Allow users to self-retrieve the social identity they had previously registered with for login and reset purposes.

Get User Permissions

Win your customers’ trust by seeking their consent and permission during the registration process. Design a custom interface for a fantastic user experience.


Privacy Acceptance

Acquire and store your customers’ acceptance of your company’s privacy policy during the registration process.


Newsletter Subscription

Allow users to sign up for newsletters at the point of registration and store their email preferences.

Other Permissions

If you require any other permissions as part of your customer registration process, you can easily integrate this with LoginRadius.

Easy to configure LoginRadius CIAM registration service dashboard

Easy to Configure Dashboard

Save significant resources and time with the ability to configure your registration service right from the LoginRadius Dashboard. Login at any time to make changes without having to re-implement the solution.

LoginRadius cIAM Platform

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