New Enhancements to Customer Registration Service API
Jan 2016

These enhancements provide new features for the customer and new APIs to simplify accessing data.

  1. Simplified method to access account ID and token : We’ve made it easier to retrieve useful information such as account ID and token. The customers can now retrieve this information by using direct APIs as compared to writing a bunch of code earlier to retrieve the same information.  See the following link for more details.
  2. Additional validation for deleting account : This API provides customers with additional validation option against deletion of user accounts.This API deletes the User account after  email confirmation and also allows those users  to re-register for a new account. See the following link for details
  3. Support for Latest Foursquare API: In order to keep improving and adding new version and features of Social Provider APIs, we have incorporated the latest version of the Foursquare API, which includes a better version of venues API. This will allow LoginRadius customers to avail the features of the latest Foursquare API