We always keep up with ID provider's API changes and update our API and connectors (SDK and Plugins). This section describe all the updates with our product and company. Any question, please send us email.


LoginRadius Dashboard – 12

May 2017

It’s time for a great change as we introduce version 12 of our Dashboard! With this new Dashboard comes accessibility to numerous new features, as well as a more intuitive navigation throughout your account. Changes included in this new release: Menu Navigation: We’ve reorganized the layout of the menus to provide a more intuitive experience […]

LoginRadius Core Release Version 16.6

May 2017

This new release of the LoginRadius APIs, brings enhancements with new features. Please see below for more details: Access Token Invalidation: All of the access tokens will be automatically invalidated as soon as the user is archived. Default Role: The new ‘default role’ feature allows you to have a preconfigured role that is automatically set […]

LoginRadius Core Release Version 16.5

May 2017

Introducing Version 16.5 of the LoginRadius API, which brings new additions, with many focusing on user roles. Please see below for more details: Context-based Roles and Permissions Management: You can now provide context (a grouping) to your existing roles and depending on the context you can also add additional permissions to each role. A new […]