We always keep up with ID provider's API changes and update our API and connectors (SDK and Plugins). This section describe all the updates with our product and company. Any question, please send us email.


What you should know about our new API Core Release 14.0

Dec 2016

For every core release, LoginRadius is committed to adding new features and enhancements that allow you to maximize your identity management capabilities. In this release, we’ve included new SAML capabilities, a new Invalidate Email API to prompt users to re-validate their account via email, and also a new Account Deleted API that provides you with […]

Dashboard Release – 5

Dec 2016

LoginRadius has officially released version 5 of the User Dashboard. This release contains new features that focus on improving the experience, please see below for the main features of this release: Account Details: You now have the ability to pull recent details on your users from the Dashboard Amazon SES: Amazon SES has now been […]