Dashboard Release – 4
Nov 2016

Our engineering team has released version 4 of the User Dashboard. This release contains major enhancements in the User Management and User Segmentation sections, which are rendered by the newly developed cloud-API for analytics.  We’ve also made improvements in the existing analytics charts, which are now much more intuitive. Below are the main features of this release:

  • On-demand, almost real-time analytics dashboard: This dashboard is enhanced with newly developed cloud-API, which allows sections such as Dashboard Home Page, User Insights, Identity Insights, and Social Insights to render on-demand analytics data in near real-time.
  • Improved user search in User Management: The User Management section can now search for users faster with their individual email address or UID.
  • Support for large volumes of customer profile data : The updated dashboard uses new cloud infrastructure and tools to support large volumes of customer data.
  • Major enhancements in User Segmentation: There are now more fields with which customers can segment the registered user profile data. This includes standard fields, such as Provider, Country, Age, City, and so on, as well as custom fields.
  • Improved analytics charts: The existing charts have been improved. For example, customers can now see the day to day growth of their users. We have also removed certain other discrepancies in the existing charts.
  • Billing: The billing tabs have been updated to show subscriptions and invoices, as well as a link to the respective Recurly accounts.
  • Updated Team Page: The Team Page has been restructured to improve user experience and provide ease of access when managing the team. Team members can now be sent password reset emails from the Team Page.
  • Ability to configure hosted page settings: Customers can now configure basic hosted page settings such as head tags, custom CSS, custom JS, etc. from the dashboard.
  • New email template: A new email template for one-click sign-in has been added in the email templates section.

Please feel free to reach out to us 24/7 via support or live-chat with any questions.