LoginRadius Dashboard – 12
May 2017

It’s time for a great change as we introduce version 12 of our Dashboard! With this new Dashboard comes accessibility to numerous new features, as well as a more intuitive navigation throughout your account.

Changes included in this new release:

    • Menu Navigation: We’ve reorganized the layout of the menus to provide a more intuitive experience while navigating through the various sections of the Dashboard.
    • LoginRadius Dashboard login: The LoginRadius Dashboard can now be accessed via Single Sign On (SSO). It can also still be accessed via social login with the following social providers: Facebook, Google, and Linkedin.
    • LoginRadius Dashboard SAML Login: If you’re a LoginRadius customer and have SAML in your company’s infrastructure, you can now take advantage of SAML to log into your Dashboard.
    • Generate API Secret: We have added the ability to easily generate a new API secret directly from the Dashboard.
    • The Configuration Sync feature is now able to sync the email templates and SMTP configurations from one site to the other.
    • Generate API Secret: We added the ability to easily generate a new API secret from the Dashboard.
    • Default Role: You can now define via the Dashboard if a specific role should be applied to a user by default.
    • Billing: In your LoginRadius account, only team members whose roles are either admin, owner, or finance will be allowed to access the Billing area.

Please reach out to support or live-chat for general inquiries and assistance regarding the implementation of the new features and enhancements.