We always keep up with ID provider's API changes and update our API and connectors (SDK and Plugins). This section describe all the updates with our product and company. Any question, please send us email.


Admin Console Release 25.13.1

Jun 2024

This release of the Admin Console includes some new features. Below are details on some of the more notable changes in the Admin Console. Added Introduced an additional method to configure MFA using Push Notifications via the LoginRadius Authenticator app or custom native mobile apps. We have introduced the Consumer Audit Logs feature in the Customer Management section. This feature allows […]

Core API Release v36.7.0

Jun 2024

We have rolled out another version of the Core APIs, which brings you some new features. Added A new API Access Token By Facebook JWT Access Token has been added to support Facebook limited login. APIs to support the Push Notification feature have been added under the Multifactor Authentication Section. Please reach out to LoginRadius […]

Core API Release 36.6.0

Jun 2024

We have released a new version of the Core APIs featuring several new additions. Please see below for details. Added Two new APIs, Account Delete by OTP and Token and Send Account Delete OTP, have been added to the Phone Authentication section. A new error code, 1292, has been added to check if the phone […]