We always keep up with ID provider's API changes and update our API and connectors (SDK and Plugins). This section describe all the updates with our product and company. Any question, please send us email.


LoginRadius Ionic 2 SDK Release V2.0.0

Dec 2017

We have launched a new version of our Ionic 2 SDK which is based on Angular2 and TypeScript (v2.0.0). This new release includes the addition of many of our newer sets of APIs, please see below for the list of enhancements. Enhancements Added new Vkontakt native login. Added risk-based authentication API. Added email prompt Auto […]

LoginRadius Dashboard V16.0

Dec 2017

This dashboard release includes a major redesign and UI improvements within User Management and User Insights, which includes the following changes Manage Users: The Registered Users tab in the Manage Users section (under User Management) now shows the top 10 registered user profiles. Data Export: This feature has been updated with the ability to only […]

JavaScript Interface Release 2.9

Dec 2017

You can now select which primary/root fields you would like the API to return when using the JavaScript Interfaces. With this feature, you can choose to receive either the access_token or just the profile depending on the interface you’re using. see the Advanced Customization documentation for more details.

LoginRadius .NET SDK Release V5.0.0

Nov 2017

This release of our LoginRadius .NET SDK contains important changes that affect development, we’ve moved away from .NetStandard to target NetFramework and NetCore which means there are some breaking changes that will need to be handled. Please see below for our list of enhancements

Android SDK Release Version 4.0.0

Nov 2017

We’ve recently made major changes to our LoginRadius Android SDK, we are rolling out a restructuring of the API calls and methods to increase the ease of use. If you’re coming over from  v3.x.x or less this means there are some breaking changes and additional changes will need to be made. Here’s the list of Enhancements: […]

Ionic SDK Release V3.0.0

Nov 2017

We’ve recently made significant updates to our LoginRadius Ionic SDK, this new release introduces to Ionic many of the newer sets of LoginRadius APIs. Here’s the list of Enhancements: Added new VK native login for better native user experience. Added new risk-based authentication API. Added new email prompt Auto login API. Added new update security […]

LoginRadius Core Release V18.5.0

Nov 2017

Announcing the LoginRadius API V18.5.0 which brings additional features & improvements that increase the customizability of your API usage. ADDED  – API Key and Secret via POST header: Now you can pass your API Key and Secret via your POST header when using our Management API. ADDED  – Account Identities by Email: This new API […]

JavaScript Interface Release 2.8

Oct 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of JS version 2.8. The following list details the enhancements, updates, and bug fixes that are included in this release: ADDED Risk Based Authentication: If a user attempts to login from a new location, this feature will detect this as a possible unauthorized login attempt and will either […]

LoginRadius API Core Release V18.4.0

Oct 2017

In this release, we bring new API capabilities that make it easier to work with the existing APIs, along with a few exciting new features Account Email Add/Update: You can use this new API call to easily add or update emails from a user profile. Disable Custom Object Client-side Access: In order to improve custom […]

LoginRadius Dashboard 14

Aug 2017

You can expect lots of user experience improvements for the Dashboard Release 14! Included in these changes are redesigned interfaces, enhanced functionalities, and more.