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Shopping Cart Abandoned? 14 Reasons You Must Know About!

Break the Jinx of losing customers at the verge of making a deal! Know and Improve your Cart Abandonment Crisis with These Awesome Solutions.

You must be trying very hard to convert visitors into customers and maintain your loyal customer base. Yet, customers are giving you a hard time, abandoning the shopping cart. The average cart abandonment rate for 2017 is 69.23%. It means 69 out of 100 potential customers abandon your site without making a purchase. Well, that’s too many customers!

There are several reasons why a customer abandons a cart depending upon his or her intent to visit the website.

Shopping cart abandonment stats


Well, here is a detailed description in the form of list of reasons about why buyers abandon their cart and what you can do to save your site from the adverse effects of cart abandonment.

1. Your Checkout is Too Complicated

An analysis from Bronto (an email marketing company) observes that there is an average of 5.6 pages is between cart and order confirmation. People don’t like spending hours shopping online. When they visit your online store, they probably know what they want and hence want the process to be straight and quick. Hence, your sales funnel of 9 pages from cart to checkout will force them to abandon the cart and thus you may lose your revenue.

How can you save yourself

Think like a customer and provide them a simple sales flow with an average of 2 to 3 steps. Take smart steps in acquiring information from your users. For example, the official Vancouver Olympic store shortened their checkout process from 4 pages to 2 pages and improved their checkout conversion rate by 21.8%. Hence, it does not matter if you ask all of your required information in one page and dedicate the other page for the payment and checkout process. Also design a visual checkout process for your users as they like to see themselves in control of the process or know where is the process heading towards.

Complicated Checkout process


2. You are Forcing your Customers To Sign Up

Some people do not like when you force them for a signup process, even if it is included as a step when they are shopping for themselves. According to Forrester, forcing to register before buying a commodity can hamper the customer experience of 23% customers.

How can you save yourself

Start by providing a guest login option for your customers. Position your “register” button at the end of the checkout process for better sales. An e-commerce site increased their sales by $300 million when they placed their ‘registration’ button at the end of the checkout process. I know the importance of registrations in an online business but to make your customers sign up at the cost of buying a thing is not a done thing. Thus, if you want to boost the number of signups on your website, attract your customers with offers and discounts they can avail by registering themselves. However, the registration process should be quick and uncomplicated.

3. Your Site has Hidden Costs and High Shipping Charges

People like surprises but it is not true when it comes to hidden charges. Hidden charges annoy a customer like anything and is not at all healthy for your business.

How can you save yourself

Be entirely transparent when it comes to your product’s extra charges and policies. Display everything at the product’s page and ensure that the shipping charges are visible on the checkout page. Moreover, if possible provide free shipping as 84% buyers are more likely to shop with brands that offer them free shipping. And if your are not able to provide free shipping to your customers (as these charges bite into your profits), offer them free shipping at the purchase of certain amount.

4. Your Site Does not Display a Shipping Date

If your site does not provide an information about shipping or delivery date, there are chances that your customer can walk out of the deal.

How can you save yourself

Provide an option to check the delivery date on the product page.

5. There is no guarantee of Lowest Price or Price Protection

Your site does not guarantee your customers of lowest price available online or offers a price protection guarantee. A consumer will feel cheated if he finds out that another site has provides the same product at lower prices.

How can You Save Yourself

Promise lowest price guarantees and lay a price protection tag on your products which means that if there is a price drop of a product within a given period, the price difference will be returned (upto certain amount) to the customer.

6. Your Site Shows The Price in a Foreign Currency

It might be a reason for many international customers to boo away your website. If you are dealing with international customers, you should be capable of providing options to the customers to choose their local currency. Your customers may not have the knowledge about the current exchange rates and are not supposed to take an extra burden of researching about it.

How can You Save Yourself

Select payment methods and a gateway that helps you to provide more currency options to your customer.

7. Your Site Does not have Security Logos

Security on a website is one of the most sought aspects by customers while shopping online. So, if your payment options do not look secured enough to customers, they will never be comfortable to share their personal information and make purchases on your website.

How can you save yourself

Essentially, make sure that your site has a high end security environment. Now, get a certificate of your encryption security. If necessary, outsource the payment process to a trusted name in the market like PayPal or BitPay (ensure that you are PCI compliant). After this, display your security logos on your checkout page. It will certainly improve sales.

Security logo images


8. You Have Poor Customer Service

Well, it is not only security features that customers look for. They also look for a great customer support. So, if you lack a great customer support team, you better take a serious step on amending it. Also, your team might not be approachable to your customers i.e. you may not have any put any contact details or a customer helpline on your website.

How can you save yourself

Develop a great team  for customer support and make your team available for your customers 24*7. Also, display your helpline number or provide your chat assistance on every page on your website, especially during checkout process.

9. You Have Limited Delivery Options or Slower Delivery

The online options which you provide are not enough for your customers. Other than that, you are slower in delivery of goods than your competitors.

How can you save yourself

Support worldwide delivery and have diverse pricing ranges based on the region (if possible, provide free shipping to foreign countries accompanied by win-win conditions).  Speed as a matter of fact, is very important when it comes to delivery. So, improve your delivery process as much as possible. Well, you cannot overcome every obstacle but can mitigate the effects.

10. N**o reviews Spoil The Game**

Reviews influence purchasing decisions to some extent. May it be your site’s review or review of your product, it can affect your sales. 70% of customers consider ratings and reviews before they purchase anything.

How can you save yourself

Let your customers be your storytellers and allow them to rate and review about the products and site. Also, focus on the addition of reviews and ratings at given interval.

11. It is Hard To Find Your Coupon Code

Whenever a customer sees a promo code box, he or she will certainly try to search for one. And in that search, it is quite possible that the person may leave your site, ABANDONMENT ALERT!

How can You Save Yourself

Make the latest coupon and promo codes available on your site during the checkout phase. Moreover, if you are a rare provider of coupon codes, please hide that coupon box. However, you can make it visible exclusively for your customers who land at your website through a promotional email. Also introduce strategies like including previous and updated prices on the product like “the product was $$$ and now is $$”or messages like you saved $$$. Everyone loves a great deal, right!

Some other reasons which indirectly affect cart abandonment

12. Your Website is Too Slow or has a Poor Design

Your online customers nothing different to offline customers. As offline customers hate standing in a long queue, similarly your online customers will hate your slow loading webpages. Also, a confusing navigation process where customers cannot find categories or a poorly designed website can frustrate the customers and force them to abandon your cart.

How can you save yourself

Optimizing your website is the first thing to do. Eliminate unnecessary elements from your pages and boost the response time of your website. For improving navigation, you can introduce CTA buttons with simple and clear instructions to keep the things in order. Focus on designing a simple checkout process and displaying the cart summary on every page during the checkout phase. Also, ensure that the focus of the customers is not deviated from the ‘pay’ or ‘buy now’ button during the checkout process.

13. Your Website isn’t Mobile Friendly

14% of online customers make purchases using mobile phone and the number is growing. As more and more users turn towards mobile devices as they are more handy, you may need to think that whether your site is mobile friendly or not. If the fields in your form are not built according to the mobile environment, it will hamper the checkout process.

How can you save yourself

Build a website by taking mobile devices into account. Design your web pages which has improved response time, less number of fields to be filled and a better mobile experience.

14. No comparison tools on the page

Shopping can be exhausting sometimes and even a little comparison tool can be a great relief. Hence, while shopping, not getting an option to compare different products may encourage your visitors to leave your site and do the same research on your competitor’s website.

How can you save yourself

It’s simple, just provide them their tool so to their compare products and they’ll love your site.

Other than these solutions, for some extra help, you can also use some tools like Rejoiner, LoyaltyBay and AbandonAid to cure cart abandonment.

Even after cart abandonment, you can regain them by following strategies like retargeting ads and email recovery. For example,

Shopping cart abandonment


Thus, these are some reasons why your cart gets abandoned frequently. Fix them with these solutions and you can certainly experience an increase in your business. Share your experience or provide your solutions in the comments below.

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Written by Deepak Gupta

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