We Manage 400 Million User Identities

Our cloud-based platform can scale to 100s of millions of users in a matter of seconds.

LoginRadius’ Robust Cloud Infrastructure

Auto-scalable Infrastructure

Based in multiple regions worldwide, LoginRadius’ cloud infrastructure automatically scales to accommodate rapidly changing loads, pertaining to data storage, customer authentication and account creation, the addition of new applications, and much more.

Organizational Level Licensing

LoginRadius offers a single corporate license in order to ensure that our platform can be seamlessly scaled across your organization’s web and mobile applications, through various subsidiaries as well as geographic locations.

Why Auto-Scalable Infrastructure is Critical for Your Business

Peak Loads

With any site or application, there is the inevitable possibility of a significant fluctuation in the number of logins and/or new account creations that can occur at any time. Without an auto-scalable infrastructure to handle this, these kinds of daily and seasonal peak loads can dramatically affect performance and user experience.

Faster Growth

The growth of your business and customer base undoubtedly requires a platform that can grow with it and at the same pace, having the ability to handle even 5-10x more users in a short period of time.

Modern Technology Infrastructure

A sizable and rapidly growing user base requires robust and auto-scalable infrastructure for an uninterrupted customer experience

Scalable Users

Our infrastructure auto scales to accommodate the rapid growth of your user base. With no cap on the number of users, LoginRadius ensures that your growth sees no limitations!

Scalable Storage

If you are compiling information for each registered user, it is obvious that with more and more users come an incremental increase in the amount of data you are storing. The LoginRadius cloud database scales automatically to store new data.

Scalable Applications

The LoginRadius platform is designed to handle hundreds of applications, whether they are web, mobile, smart TV gaming console, and the list goes on. Everything auto-scales as you enable LoginRadius on additional applications.

Scalable Peak Load

We know that large user bases entail frequent and substantial peak loads of login and account creation activity. This is why we have designed the LoginRadius infrastructure to scale in seconds to handle such fluctuation.

LoginRadius cIAM Platform

Built For Engineers, By Engineers

We’ve built a developer friendly platform with extensive API documentation, open-source SDKs, fully customizable interfaces, and best in class security features. Ready to give it a spin?