Passwordless Login

A Simplified Customer Experience with Passwordless Login

With Passwordless Login, you can create a completely frictionless registration and authentication process for your customers, freeing them from the hassle of remembering yet another password.

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How does Passwordless Login Work?

Users no longer need to create and remember a new password. Rather, they will be logging in with a verification link.

  1. User enters his or her email address on your website’s login page. The email address can act as the username.
  2. LoginRadius instantly sends a temporary verification link to the user’s inbox. The link expires once the custom-set validity time lapses.
  3. User clicks on the verification link to verify himself or herself, and LoginRadius redirects the user to your website with an active session. The same process is repeated each time a customer wants to login.

Log in without a Password - One-Click Login

One-click registration and login removes the extra step of having to create or remember new passwords. This helps to increase your conversion rate and enhance the customer experience.

Mobile Friendly

Passwordless Login is designed to be mobile friendly. It works seamlessly with your web and mobile apps; on all devices and browsers.

Highly Secure

Passwordless Login has the same level of security as that of a password-based login. We’ve incorporated advanced security features, adhering to latest standards.

Dashboard Driven, Fully Customizable

You can configure the Passwordless Login directly from the Dashboard, as well as customize the user interface and user experience as per your needs.

Some of the advanced options available are:

  • Custom verification link expiration time
  • Custom set session lifetime
  • Customizable verification email template
  • Ability to create multiple email templates for different languages, regions, and applications

No More Remembering Passwords

Step into the next generation of authentication technology. Completely discard those passwords and use only the email account as both the username and a secure window for login.

LoginRadius cIAM Platform

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