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21 Software Testing Blogs to Level Up Your QA skills

Testing/ QA blogs which you must read no matter you are a tester, developer, SEO or a marketer.

Testing is fun!, but why should testers have all the fun? Testing is for everyone who wants to ensure an error free product. Especially, every marketer who deals with website or application must know the basics of testing. Sound weird? But it’s NOT. Afterall, it is very crucial to ensure that the product/service which you are going to promote must be error free to users. Being a digital marketer,  I not only look for Onpage issues on website, I also liaise with testing unit to make it lovable to visitors.

So fellas, here are some Testing/ QA blogs which you must read no matter you are a tester, developer, SEO or a marketer.

1. The Test Eye

The Test Eye You will be able to hear from expert professionals like Martin Janson, Henrik Emilsson, and Rikard Edgren through The Test Eye. The blog provides information about test ideas, scripted testing, software and agile testing and different testing techniques. You can also seek for recommendations on skills, people, machines ,ideas, and documentation in the section “recommendation”. The blog gets updated monthly.

2. Sticky Minds

Sticky Minds StickyMinds is a community (managed by Techwell community) where you can find answers to all most all of your queries related to testing. You can use its ‘question & answer’ section and get your problems solved by expert opinions by renowned professionals and veterans of the testing industry. The blog also displays latest happenings in the field of application testing.

3. James Bach's Blog

James Bach's Blog

James Bach’s blog also known as satisfice caters testing with his unique style of describing things. Read James Bach’s blog to learn and improve testing and inspire yourself to understand testing in a better way. I personally find his content very rich and engaging.

4. Thoughtworks Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks is a blog which is focused on the latest news about the complete software industry. You can find many articles describing the importance of testing in business in this section.

5. Software Testing Magazine- (Agile, Load, Functional & Unit Testing)

 Software Testing Magazine

The blog gets updated in a week with 4 posts related to agile, performance, acceptance, functional, integration, TDD and  unit testing. You can get updates about different tools via Software Testing Magazine.

6. Testing Blog by Google Testing Blog by Google

Google’s Testing Blog is the official blog powered by Google about updates and latest trends related to testing. You can find a new post every month in this blog.

7. Trishkhoo


The first thing which you will like when you will visit the blog Trishkhoo will be its user friendly and vibrant interface which will keep you more engaged in its articles. The site which is maintained by Trish, a blogger who is interested in all elements of software industry, has a very unique style of conveying information (like a tale). Go for Trishkhoo and you will like it.

8. Software testing help

Softwaretestinghelp.com is a very fast growing blog on software testing which is founded by Vijay. The blog includes all kinds of testing topics which include automation testing, manual testing, and web testing. It also discusses methodologies, write reviews on different testing tools, books, provides guidance on your testing career and enlightens you with latest news and trends about testing.

9. 9lessons 9lessons

9lessons founded by Srinivas Tamada, though not a blog dedicated for testing, contains lot of good articles which provide insight about testing. You can find good content about tutorials about how to write test cases for different functions on website.

10. ReQTest

ReQTest ReQtest is another quality blog which updates you regularly about various articles and tutorials about testing like development requirements, agile testing and much more. You can join or subscribe the blog for regular updates about testing.

11. Stack Exchange- Software Quality Assurance Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a blog (question & answer) which is related to automation engineers, qa experts and people related to software testing industry. The blogpost adds 77 new posts every week in its database.

12. Automation Awesomeness- Automation testing Made Easy

Automation Awesomeness The blog is dedicated to automation testing. Here, the site helps you to overcome every issues related to automation testing. So, stay awesome in automation testing by receiving updates by Automation Awesomeness.

13. 99Tests- Software Testing Community Blog 99Tests

99tests is platform for companies who can get their applications tested by experts in the testing arena. The site also manages a blog which gets updated once in a week with one post.

14. BlazeMeter (JMeter and Load testing Blog)


Blazemeter can be helpful when you want to read content about performance and load testing. The site is focused to help QA teams so that they can focus on performing testing on api, mobile, software and websites.

15. TestBirds TestBirds

The blog focuses on topics related to testing applications for IoT and websites. It provides innovative solutions for testing applications. Testbirds’ diversified and engaging content will provide fresh air to your must see testing blog list.

16. Saucelab blog

Saucelab blog

It is one of my favorite blogs which can be referred for reading content related to application testing (especially mobile apps). The articles listed here are very engaging and rich in content. You should try Saucelab blog at least once. It adds 1 new blogpost every month.

17. Cigniti blog Cigniti blog

The blog is maintained by Cigniti technologies,  a well-known name in software testing market. The blog shares recent trends and changes in testing industries like Devops testing, IP-led testing and so on.

18. GC Reddy Software Video Blog

GC Reddy Software Video Blog

Name anything in testing and you can see it on GC Reddy Software video blog. Some of the videos are ALM/QC videos, UNIX testing tutorials, selenium  tutorials and the list goes on.

19. QA Mentor blog

QA Mentor blog The QA Mentor blog provides articles covering topics like functional and nonfunctional testing, automated testing, reviews about different testing tools and best practices on test processes.

20. IIST video blog

IIST video blog

You can find informational videos on IIST (provides courses and certifications on software testing) video channel. The video channel gets updated every week with new posts on every topics related to software testing.

21. Adventures in QA Adventures in QA

Read Adventures in QA for articles related to mobile testing, agile development and software testing. The bog is maintained by Daniel Knott known brands like AOE, Xing, Accenture and IBM.

This is my personal list of the blogs for application testing which I found the best but there are lots of blogs providing content about application testing. Thus, if I have missed out your favorite blog or if any of these blogs have proven beneficial to you, I am all ears to your comments below.

Sudhanshu Agarwal

Written by Sudhanshu Agarwal

Director of consumer Service @ LoginRadius | Technical Support | consumer Success | Leadership | Project Management | Product Implementation

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