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3 Digital Onboarding Trends To Watch In 2023 (And What You Can Do About It Now)

Digital onboarding plays a crucial role in enhancing user experience. This blog will help you understand what digital onboarding is, how it impacts conversions, and the trends in digital onboarding that will shape the future of identity verification.


The modern digital landscape has offered endless business opportunities to enterprises willing to jump on a digital transformation bandwagon. And when it comes to delivering rich experiences, digital onboarding has been a significant contributor.

Let’s understand what digital onboarding is and how it impacts conversions, and learn the trends in digital onboarding that will shape the future of identity verification in 2023.

What is Digital User Onboarding? How does it make an Impact?

Digital user onboarding is a set of instructions or interactions that aid the user in welcoming into the application. These interactions can be as simple as a greeting or as complicated as a series of guided tasks that assist users in putting up initial preferences or pointing out critical UI elements.

The goal remains to provide users with an overview of your product's benefits, making them happy and setting them up for success.

If you’ve ever tried a new app for the first time and been presented with 2-3 screens with short messages explaining what the app is for, it's normal for everyone to expect to use the application. This is the key to generating a positive user experience.

The harsh reality is that around 70% of users abandon purchases because of bad user experience. Users dump an app if it is too long to guess. They must first discover its urgent value, feel secure in using the product, and have confidence that it will help attain a specific goal. It is a positive first impression.

Since the first impression is considered the last and most important, your customers make their purchase decision during the onboarding process. Hence, you must ensure that your first impression is impactful enough to convince them to purchase your services/products.

#1. A more consistent omnichannel experience

An omnichannel customer experience is a multifold approach to advertising, selling, and supporting customers across multiple marketing touchpoints. This means a customer could shop from his desktop, mobile phone, or offline store and still enjoy a seamless buying experience.

A digital omnichannel strategy adopts a multichannel approach for sales, consumer service, and marketing. It focuses on providing a united consumer experience regardless of the channel they contact your company.


The key to providing constant omnichannel engagement is to offer a smooth experience across all online and offline platforms. Every contact should be considered a single experience from the consumer's perspective. It implies it shouldn't be segregated or repetitious.

Hence, to enhance customer experience, engagement, and conversions in 2023, businesses must leverage the true potential of omnichannel experience through a robust customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution.

#2. Seamless collaboration in the metaverse

With the changing digital landscape, digital onboarding will shape the metaverse's future. According to Gartner, 25% of people will spend a minimum of one hour in Metaverse for shopping, work, entertainment, or education by 2026.

And this means that great user experiences would be delivered in the metaverse by leveraging digital onboarding through a reliable CIAM.

HR departments are already exploring ways to use metaverse to engage new employees and improve employee onboarding. Employee onboarding is one area where HR can leverage metaverse to offer an excellent experience for new employees.

#3. Advanced biometrics for a streamlined authentication experience

It’s no secret that a user’s first interaction with your product or service is critical, and a bad experience can lead to a loss of customers.

A poorly-designed onboarding process can lead to frustrating experiences that leave users feeling confused and lost, which can cause them to abandon your product or service before they ever get invested in it.

Biometric authentication offers a seamless user experience that improves conversion rates while onboarding users.

With the rise of digital onboarding, companies will look for ways to improve the user experience and drive conversions in 2023. While many companies use traditional methods to authenticate users, they often cause friction when customers try to complete an online transaction or sign up on an eCommerce site.

Biometrics—like fingerprints or facial recognition—has emerged as a solution to this problem, offering a seamless and secure way for users to verify their identity without slowing down their experience.

Hence, businesses considering utilizing digital onboarding to its full potential shouldn’t miss incorporating biometric authentication into their systems in 2023.

To Conclude

While businesses think of converting more users into loyal customers, they shouldn’t overlook the critical role of a CIAM that offers a great onboarding experience.

Organizations can analyze the upcoming trends mentioned above and create a winning strategy to improve conversion rates by incorporating an intelligent onboarding process.

Incorporating a robust CIAM solution like LoginRadius reinforces consumer information security and helps deliver a flawless user experience each time a user interacts with your brand.

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Written by Deepak Gupta

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