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Announcement - LoginRadius Delivers Exceptional Authentication With The Launch Of Identity Experience Framework

Overall, companies need to keep their customers loyal to their goods, services , and brands — which is why the need for the hour is an effective user interface. It can have customer interactions that are most conducive to any company's success.

Businesses need to keep their consumers loyal to their products, services, and the brands, at large—which is why an efficient consumer interface is the need of the hour. It can deliver consumer experiences that are most conducive to the success of any business.

Our recently launched Identity Experience Framework is a powerful orchestration feature that can be used to quickly implement any customization required on your identity page. It also meets the critical customization, formatting, design, and authentication demands of all businesses.

Intent Behind the Launch

We wanted businesses to enjoy a hassle-free authentication and customization of identity pages, alongside delivering consumer experiences at its best.

Hence, our LoginRadius Identity Experience Framework  benefits businesses in the following ways: 

  • Increase consumer interaction: When implemented correctly, the feature offers a better consumer interface and experience. It also increases consumer satisfaction and interaction coherently. 
  • Boost reputation and revenues: It offers collaborated designing and technical skills to deliver exceptional consumer experiences. Consequently, it boosts business reputation and amplifies the scope of revenue. 
  • Builds trust and loyalty: By customizing the consumer interface to the business needs and as per consumers' demand, it is more likely to build loyalty and trust for consumers, and attract more traffic.
  • Centralized implementation: In the case of multiple applications, the Identity Experience Framework facilitates centralized authentication too

Key Capabilities of LoginRadius Identity Experience Framework

IDX Product

Predefined themes: It offers predefined themes designed to fit all business requirements as per industry standards. 

Ready-to-use scripts: It offers complete customization, formatting, design for all authentication-related pages, along with quick replaceable scripts for pages like login, registration, forgot password, etc.

Customizable solution: While the Basic Editor allows the customization of the background image, logo color, content customization for sign up page, etc., Advanced Editor allows prompt changes via "Replace" options like complete customization, design via HTML, CSS, Javascript for login, registration pages, etc. 

Branding preview: It offers real-time preview for the customization made to logos, images, etc. to visualize the change before implementing it.

Quick implementation: It handles and manages implementation in a very efficient and smooth manner.

A Final Word

With the LoginRadius Identity Experience Framework, businesses can enjoy a complete set of customizable solutions and provide consumers with seamless experiences. Be it, tweaking the authentication flow or changing the interface designs—this feature can do them all. 


Karl Wittig

Written by Karl Wittig

Karl is the AVP of Customer Success at LoginRadius, the industry leading Consumer IAM provider. He thrives in fast paced high tech environments working closely with Customers to overcome complex Identity related challenges as part of their digital transformations. Outside of work, he spends his time with his family in and around Vancouver hiking, snowboarding and exploring.

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