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Announcement - LoginRadius Now Supports PIN Login with Enhanced Features

LoginRadius is a rapidly-expanding identity management platform. And this time, for its current and new clients, the cloud-based client identity and access management solution has introduced a PIN Login authentication environment.

LoginRadius is a rapidly-expanding platform. And this time, the cloud-based customer identity and access management solution has launched a PIN Login authentication environment for its existing and new customers.

Intend Behind The Launch

The method of authentication is an important aspect of security, and likewise, a PIN strikes just the right balance between security and usability.

To be clear, by authentication we mean how we identify and verify users on our platform to make sure 'they are who they say they are.'

LoginRadius customers can now avoid time-consuming delays caused by entering long, complex credentials repeatedly within a trusted device. PIN login will also pose an additional challenge for hackers during or after login.

The Benefits of PIN Authentication

In a new generation of end-users, a strong PIN authentication uptake is a better way to validate their authenticity. Here are a few more advantages of using PIN login as a method of authentication.

  • It simplifies the login process. 
  • The validation happens in a matter of a few seconds. 
  • PIN authentication is hassle-free, convenient, and less time-consuming.
  • The need for re-authentication during critical events strengthens security.

What Does the Threat Mitigating Model Look Like

We have followed strict authentication protocols to make this launch a success. Likewise, here is an outline of how our threat mitigation model looks like and what it offers:

Enhanced usability for end-user: For customers looking for a secure, seamless sign-in to justify the authenticity of end-users, PIN Login will offer a shorter, less time consuming, and more usable experience that simplifies the sign-in process.

No third-party integration: We conduct authentication and authorization of end-users inside our identity environment. No other third-party service provider is involved resulting in better response speed and boosted security.

Re-authentication upon prolonged inactivity: Long-lived sessions are harmful, especially if the user was inactive for a longer period of time. The new PIN login will require users to re-authenticate after a pre-set time duration.

Critical Information Accessibility: End-users will be validated every time when conducting a critical event. This event-based re-authentication flow will work for scenarios like while processing a transaction or deleting an account.

Complete configurable solution: Customers can configure the PIN length based on industry standards and set the flow as a mandate or optional for the end-users.

Forced account lockouts: The account will be locked automatically upon hitting the configured number of failed PIN attempts. The PIN will act as the protection layer against vulnerabilities like brute force attacks.

Pin login data sheet

Pin Login Data Sheet

Making Authentication Convenient and Simple for End-Users

It is quite impressive to deliver seamless experiences from the first interaction itself. With the latest PIN authentication, we aim to streamline end-users' journey by providing a passwordless experience.

Our PIN login is another giant step towards achieving better security, usability, and identity management.

A Final Word

PIN login is a successful attempt at not just embracing an alternative authentication factor for the LoginRadius identity platform, but using a variety of other factors and combining them contextually for secured access management.

All-in-all, we aim to ensure that logins are secure, simple, seamless, and frictionless. And if it can turn customers into loyal advocates, that will serve our purpose even better.


Kundan Singh

Written by Kundan Singh

Director of Product Development @ LoginRadius.

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