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Looking for a Gigya Alternative? Try LoginRadius, a Superior and Modern Identity Platform

The Gigya technology may not have changed (yet), but it has dramatically changed the business that provides it. Now is the moment to start searching for the best alternatives to Gigya.

The customer identity space is in a dynamic phase, with lots of activity around mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and investment.

One notable event was the SAP acquisition of Gigya in late 2017.

Now that a year has gone by, existing Gigya contracts are ending. Engineers are probably thinking that everything’s fine and that not much has changed with their customer identity solution.

But as a leader, you should be worried. The Gigya technology may not have changed (yet) but the company that delivers it has changed significantly. Now is the time to start looking for the best Gigya alternatives.

Acquisitions Create Problems for Customers

M&A can be exciting for everyone associated with the acquired company. However, in some cases an acquisition can be damaging for customers, partners, and employees, depending on who the acquirer is.

One such case is when the acquirer is significantly larger than the acquired company and they do not let the acquired company operate independently. The differences in size and power create culture clash, which is one of the top reasons that mergers fail.

Culture clash then leads to staff turnover, which can be up to three times higher than in non-acquired companies.

When employees and partners leave an acquired company, customers are the most hurt group among the three. Customers have to move quickly to find an alternative provider, and it also impacts resource allocation, service quality, and all of their future plans.

This is the tough situation where Gigya customers now find themselves.

Why Are Companies Looking for Other Solutions Like Gigya (SAP)?

In the past twelve months, many customers have done their research on Gigya competitors and migrated away from Gigya to LoginRadius. We’ve heard from them about why they switched, and I wanted to share their feedback.

“SAP is not a personality fit. It’s big, old, and slow.”

Gigya no longer has its young, fast-moving culture from pre-acquisition days. It’s now part of a long-standing and enormous organization at SAP, which means a slower pace of technological innovation.

SAP has 95,000 employees and Gigya had 500, which makes SAP 190 times larger. It’s not hard to guess which culture is going to win out.

If your company chose Gigya because their agility and cutting-edge creativity were a great match for your corporate personality, there’s now a big disconnect.

“Our contacts and partners are no longer there.”

Customers aren’t the only ones who don’t want to make the leap to a different culture. Employees are even more affected by the organizational change, and a lot of them leave rather than try to adapt.

Many of the people who took care of Gigya’s customers are gone by now. If you’re one of those customers, this turnover marks an end to your human relationship with Gigya.

Then you get assigned to new account managers from the SAP culture and SAP strategies, not from Gigya’s young and innovative culture.

“We’re now a tiny customer for the massive SAP enterprise.”

Gigya used to be a small company with a few thousand customers. They were able to give quick personalized support.

Now, as SAP, they have a huge client base.

Perhaps you were in the top 10% of Gigya customers. Post-acquisition, you’re probably not even in the top 40% of customers. Big acquiring companies have customers who pay them $100 million or more, and you end up becoming a Tier 3 or 4 customer.

You never get the same level of care you enjoyed before from your CIAM vendor.

SAP is also outsourcing its support for Gigya customers to external partners who don’t necessarily have the level of expertise required. They may not understand your actual implementation. It can take days or weeks to resolve issues.

“With SAP, we’re stuck using SAP products and technologies.”

SAP Customer Data Cloud, the new name for Gigya’s customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform, is just a tiny part of the SAP universe. CIAM is now one offering out of 200.

Gigya uses SAP servers for colocation, and they only have five regional data centers.

Top 5 Reasons Companies Are Migrating from Gigya (SAP) to LoginRadius

Many large brands, including a large media company with 30 million users, have migrated from Gigya/SAP to LoginRadius. Here are the top 5 reasons why big brands are considering LoginRadius as the best Gigya alternative.

1. LoginRadius is a young and innovative company that is a leader in the CIAM space.

“Innovate or die” is the mantra of the 21st century for tech businesses. The LoginRadius customer identity platform is the most modern offering in its class. In the security industry, it’s essential to stay current and jump on new developments quickly, and we have the agility to do that. The company has been recognized as a leader by many analyst firms, including KuppingerCole, Gartner, and Forrester.

2. Customer identity is our core business.

LoginRadius started in customer identity and it’s what we do. The full focus of our technology and business leadership is on creating modern customer experiences and helping businesses win customer trust.

3. LoginRadius infrastructure is global and ready to scale.

LoginRadius is deployed on Microsoft Azure cloud servers with failover to Amazon Web Services. Our platform scales to handle hundreds of millions of customers and over 150K logins per second. We have 35 global data storage centers (and counting).

4. We have in-house customer support.

LoginRadius offers our clients a dedicated support team, consisting of a customer success manager and implementation engineer. These are LoginRadius experts who understand your environment and resolve your issues quickly.

5. LoginRadius has the best system availability.

LoginRadius is the only CIAM platform on the market that guarantees 100% uptime, compared to 99.9% offered by other vendors. While other platforms have minutes to hours of unscheduled downtime as well as downtime for regular maintenance, LoginRadius is simply always available.

Migration Program for Gigya Customers Looking to Move

LoginRadius has migrated many customers, and we’re good at it. Our team will work with you through the whole process and manage the production deployment so there’s very little effort required on your side.

We have automated software for a seamless migration and quick go-to-market, and we do most of the migration testing. Your users won’t be affected—they won’t even notice anything. Customers are pleasantly surprised at how simple the process is.

If you’d like to hear more about customers making the switch to LoginRadius, contact us at 1-844-625-8889. We can also give you a demo so you can see how our features compare.

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