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How Entertainment Companies Use the LoginRadius CIAM platform

Every industry takes a different approach to identity management. When it comes to media and entertainment, viewers love to move around a lot. As a result, before embarking on the journey, organizations must first understand a few things. For example, what goal they hope to achieve, how does a CIAM platform fits into the picture, and how do they find the best solution.

The Consumer Identity and Access Management or _CIAM _platform is rapidly becoming a ‘must have’ for any business focused on delivering a personalized experience to consumers.

The entertainment industry is no different.

Today, TV is no longer just the occasional evening in front of the telly. Streaming services, catch-up services, and OTT platforms mean we can watch whenever we want.

The Global Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is made up primarily of five distinct sub-segments– including TV, film, video games, publishing, and music.

As such, it is one of the largest industries in the world when it comes to both revenue and market share.

As the M&E industry continues to develop, a wave of new services, technology, and distribution methods continue to create more opportunities and challenges for production companies.

It is critical to minimize the risk of data breaches and fraud that compromise confidential user information and not forget adherence to data privacy regulations. The balance between functionality and user experience is what separates the good from the great.

Identity sits at the core of media digitalization. While there are many instances, here are five of the most common areas where the LoginRadius CIAM platform can provide a solution.

LoginRadius’ CIAM Capabilities for the Entertainment Industry

1. Single Sign On (SSO)

A single sign-on provides users with a convenient way to log in to multiple applications and/or websites without having to enter their user credentials repeatedly. It allows you to centralize your consumer records in a single location so you can easily track, share, and access all their information.

  • Web SSO is a browser-based SSO solution that operates through applications hosted on domains and subdomains. When a consumer moves from one domain to another within the same production house, the LoginRadius CIAM platform recognizes them, authenticates, and grants them access permission.
  • Mobile SSO operates through many mobile applications. If a consumer authenticates on one mobile app and then opens another operated by the same business, the CIAM platform recognizes the consumer. It grants access without requiring you to sign up or authenticate.
  • Federated SSO is a set of rules that can be implemented between two or more trusted domains to allow users to use the same digital identity to access applications and services.


LoginRadius supports industry-standard SSO protocols like SAML, JWT, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and Web Services Federation.

2. Authentication

The LoginRadius Identity Platform provides a comprehensive set of consumer registration and authentication options, allowing you to strike the right balance between convenience and security. You can choose from a range of options, including:

  • Passwordless Login: LoginRadius offers Passwordless Login with Magic Link or OTP to reduce unnecessary hassle during the registration and login processes. When a viewer clicks on the link or enters the OTP, LoginRadius creates an account, and the user is automatically logged in.
  • Smart Login: It is an effective way to log in for smart devices. Consumers can authenticate by scanning the QR Code displayed on the smart device using their mobile app or log in to an app by delegating the authentication to another device.
  • Social Login: With Social Login, users can register and sign in using their existing accounts from various social media providers. It reduces the effort to remember a lot of passwords and makes authentication seamless.
  • 2FA/MFA: Multi-Factor Authentication requires that users identify themselves with two different methods before they can access their accounts. This means you can be more confident that the person logging into your account is actually who they say they are.
  • Adaptive Authentication: Adaptive authentication is a method for choosing the right authentication factors based on a user's risk profile and tendencies – in other words, for adapting the form of authentication to the situation.

3. Progressive User Profiling

Getting insights into your customers and their behavior patterns is vital to making sure you’re creating a personalized experience.

The LoginRadius CIAM platform puts down the pieces of the puzzle of customer interactions and creates a holistic customer profile. We call it progressive user profiling.

We don’t just identify who a person is. We identify who they are becoming. With this knowledge, you can create a 360-degree view of each individual to serve them content that builds long-term loyalty.

4. 360-Degree Consumer View

LoginRadius works through different applications, communicating with consumers and feeding a single image of them—regardless of which platform they're using.

Why is this important? Because an identity layer and activity data across different systems will enable organizations to understand their consumers better and deliver personalized experiences.

This means that marketing, sales, and support teams have real-time identity and behavior data to power customized interactions and control consent preferences through their systems.

Regulations such as GDPR and the new California Consumer Privacy Act require businesses to know where and how to remove consumer data upon request, regardless of the channel from which the request is made.

As a result, having a central consumer identity store that prioritizes first-party declared profile data and can integrate with advanced consent management software becomes critical to your compliance strategy.

Moreover, in certain industries, such as entertainment, a CIAM platform is required to verify that users are who they claim they are, ensuring that the appropriate level of access is granted to the appropriate persons, fraudulent behavior is prevented, and identity data is collected with a high degree of certainty.


Every industry has a different set of identity challenges and a unique approach to identity management. When it comes to media and entertainment, viewers love to move around a lot. Therefore, organizations need to understand a few things before embarking on the journey.

For example, what goal they hope to achieve, how does a CIAM platform fits into the picture, and identify the right solution to get the job done. LoginRadius allows you to equip and support your viewers well so you can adapt to the new way of entertainment.


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