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Why Municipalities Are Investing in Citizen Engagement

Municipalities can achieve many benefits by investing in a well-designed and implemented citizen-centered approach, while enhancing the quality of life for people is at the core of many digital municipal initiatives.

Improving quality of life for citizens is at the heart of many municipal digital initiatives. Even so, city leaders often choose to focus on improving their technology infrastructure without considering citizen engagement.

A successful digital transformation can have many benefits for both citizens and municipalities. But if cities do not put the energy into improving their citizen engagement, they will struggle to truly transform their communities.

By investing in a well-designed and implemented citizen-centric solution, municipalities can achieve the following benefits.

1. Increase citizen satisfaction with government performance

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Citizens want to engage with their local government. They want to be able to share their views and access channels to participate in the decisions of government, connect with representatives, and be assured that their input has meaning and relevance.

Citizens have been very vocal about these methods of engagement, so it should come as no surprise that communities are happiest when their citizens feel well-informed about the municipality's business and have opportunities to be part of policy formation.

2. Enhance citizen trust in civic institutions

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The public has been demanding more transparency and accountability from government for years. These demands are prompting municipalities to change how they engage with the public.

Especially in the era of media and "fake news," it has never been more important for municipalities to have a direct way of engaging their citizens. Organizations need to ensure that the facts are correctly communicated, but also need to listen carefully to the public's voices.

Municipalities need to have a direct line of engagement between themselves and the community instead of relying on the media to connect them. Otherwise, they will struggle to build trust. The more involved and accurately informed a community is, the more likely citizens will trust the institution that is engaging with them.

3. Get the most out of your digital solutions, which saves an enormous amount of time and money

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Engaging the community to keep them better informed about what is going on will only help in the long run. For example, instead of spending too much time and resources on projects that are only going to get protested, why not get community input from the beginning? If citizens are more involved in the process, municipalities can reduce lengthy and expensive legal appeals as well.

How to Improve Citizen Engagement

Many municipalities are now undergoing digital transformations in order to improve transparency and communication. After all, with a more sophisticated digital ecosystem, you will be able to simplify how you interact with your citizens.

Undergoing a digital transformation, however, is just one of the much-needed steps. In order to truly engage your citizens, you need to know who they are. To learn who they are, you have to incorporate digital identity into your transformation.

How does digital identity help with engagement? In our new e-book, we have listed the top 5 ways to improve your citizen engagement, which include creating a seamless digital service by unifying citizen services and identity, as well as improving your privacy and security efforts. You can check out the new e-book here Ebook thumb

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