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Identity Modernization: What Is It & Why Should You Care?

Identity modernization could be defined as shifting from managing identities through on-premises identity providers to a cloud-based identity management solution. Moreover, it could also be a shift from one cloud to multiple clouds. Read this insightful post to understand more about identity modernization benefits for modern businesses.


In a world where cloud adoption is quickly becoming the new normal, enterprises are quickly putting their best foot forward in adopting cloud-based identity management solutions.

And when it comes to identity modernization, it’s swiftly becoming the need of the hour!

Identity modernization could be defined as shifting from managing identities through on-premises identity providers to a cloud-based identity management solution.

Moreover, it could also be a shift from one cloud to multiple clouds.

However, the biggest question is - does my business need to worry about the latest trends in the identity management landscape, especially for identity modernization?

To answer this question, let’s explore what identity management means to modern businesses and how enterprises can leverage the true potential of cloud-based identity management solutions.

Identity Modernization and Security- What You Shouldn’t Ignore

Though businesses have been leveraging identity management solutions for decades, certain challenges pertaining to identity security and user experience raise the demand for a modern infrastructure to handle complex identity ecosystems.

Also, with the sudden move to the cloud and rapid SaaS adoption, things became more complicated considering identity management. And the legacy, on-premises infrastructure with built-in identity and access management systems became impotent against increasing cloud threats.

Moreover, the paradigm shift to remote working ecosystems has increased the risk of identity thefts and compromised accounts since cybercriminals could easily bypass frail layers of security, especially when users are remotely connected to a single network.

Hence, the need for identity modernization becomes more crucial.

Identity modernization is the process of shifting from conventional on-premise identity systems to a cloud-based identity management system that helps reinforce overall identity security against modern threat vectors.


While most businesses have already put their best foot forward in adopting robust cloud-based identity management solutions, many are just wondering and waiting for a breach to change their decision.

How to Make the Big Move to Identity Modernization?

We’ve learned how identity modernization is becoming an absolute necessity considering the current threat landscape. But the big question is- how to make the big move to modernize identity management.

And here’s where the critical role of a reliable cloud-based customer identity and access management solution (CIAM) like LoginRadius comes into play!

With LoginRadius CIAM, businesses can quickly ensure they’re on the right track to secure billions of customer identities and at the same time, deliver a flawless customer experience across multiple platforms and touch points.

Here’s what LoginRadius CIAM offers:

#1. Robust Industry Standards

The LoginRadius APIs use OpenID Connect (OAuth 2.0 protocol) technology—the same industry standard used by Google and LinkedIn.

What’s more, our technology partners, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services host our application, providing data protection with a built-in system-wide failover process.

When it comes to information security, our legal team ensures that the LoginRadius Identity Platform adheres to strict and updated government regulations, compliances, and policies.

The LoginRadius Cloud Directory protects all customer information while providing consent and management tools for worry-free privacy compliance.

#3. Zero Trust Model

How should an organization protect the privacy and security of its consumer information? Users may be misusing their account verification. It's in these cases that the Zero Trust Model works.

The LoginRadius’ Zero Trust Model ensures that no user can be trusted, and verification is no longer an option. It supports the theory that all users need to be authenticated, authorized, and verified at regular intervals to ensure they can be trusted with the data in any business hierarchy.

To Conclude

Identity modernization can help bring about a new era of security and transparency that will make businesses more secure, allow them to provide better services to their customers, ensure that identity theft is minimized, and leave a positive impression on consumers.

Choosing a robust identity management solution like LoginRadius CIAM helps you put identity modernization to work for you today, and reap the rewards of increased security, increased customer confidence, and a future-proofed business that stands ahead of the curve when it comes to compliant data security.


Rakesh Soni

Written by Rakesh Soni

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