PhoneGap + LoginRadius

PhoneGap LoginRadius

PhoneGap is a mobile development framework owned by Adobe. LoginRadius’ platform operates with any of your PhoneGap apps to provide Customer Identity Management. Download Library

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Example Use-Case

  1. Implement LoginRadius’ Customer Identity Management solution onto any of your apps built using the PhoneGap framework.
  2. Customize and add mobile-responsive Email Registration forms and Social Login icons to your registration and login pages.
  3. Provide cross-device connectivity by Implementing LoginRadius’ SSO service.
  4. Data collected through the Customer Registration system automatically creates a single unified profile for each of your customers.
  5. Profile Data is stored in our highly secure, cloud-based Customer Profile Data Storage system.
  6. Email verification and password reset services are handled by the LoginRadius CIM platform.

Want to see LoginRadius in Action?

Don't worry. LoginRadius has an open integration API that works with every application, so we can offer custom integrations. Please let us know the integration and the use-case that you want, and we’ll take care of it for you.