LoginRadius Social Platform Monthly Updates
Oct 2014

It’s essential to stay on top of any technical changes and product developments ensuring you don’t miss new features.

To help you keep up with the product updates, I have compiled the most important upgrades and changes made by social ID providers, LoginRadius and others.

Read on to get the lowdown on what’s changed in the past month.

1. Social Network ID Updates

We Have Updated Our Google Plus, Vkontakte, and Foursquare APIs. There are no changes required on your end.

Google+ API updates

Google has migrated their social APIs to Google Plus only. They have deprecated Google Profiles API (old version) and will now only support Google Plus APIs. We have done the migration from our end and now are using Google Plus APIs.

Vkontakte API updates

Vkontakte has updated their 5.2 APIs to a new 5.2.4 version. This update allows websites to capture more social profile data points. We have added these new data points into our API so you can start capturing them on your site.

The new user data points include:

  • Home Town
  • Site (Domain)
  • Followers Count
  • Occupation
  • Nick Name
  • Screen Name
  • Connections (Im accounts)
  • Profile URL

Foursquare API updates

Foursquare released their Swarm App for keeping up and meeting up with your friends. To accommodate this they have updated their APIs. We have updated our API to accommodate this change.

2. Social Login Responsive Themes

We have released social login responsive themes, similar to the responsive social sharing themes that we released last month.

These are the 2 responsive themes that you can use with your website and mobile site:

You can update these by changing the theme on your LoginRadius dashboard.

3. Social Login Interface and User Experience Improvement

We have made changes to the login user experience:

Loading Image

We have customized the authentication interface shown every time a user connects to an ID provider.

Layover Pop-ups for OpenID Providers

Our interfaces will now show Layover popups for getting an openid username and we will also keep supporting older window popups.

‘Connecting…’ on Social Login Interface

If a user starts the login process by clicking on any provider, the interface will now show ‘connecting…’ to the user.

Highlight Previously Clicked ID Provider

There is now the option to keep an ID provider that the user previously clicked highlighted so they can see the network they previously chose to login with.

Improved Content Distribution Network (CDN)

The CDN is highly scalable for interface related content. The interface will now load content quickly and continuously.